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These simple LED strip light connectors are a straightforward and easy way to connect multiple lighting cables together without the need for soldering.

The LED Technologies range of solderless tape connectors is designed to make joining our uncoated LED tape products simple. Without the need to make soldered joints...

The LED strip snap connector is a simple clip fitting. You must first ensure that the LED tape is cut only at the clearly marked cutting points. Make sure that the copper or soldered tabs are showing.

How to use solderless connectors:

  • Open the LED strip connector covers and insert the tapes to be joined into the slots.
  • Ensure that the copper or soldered tabs are lined up with the tabs on the connector.
  • Close the connector covers making sure that they are firmly clipped into place and the locking tabs are latched.
  • It is advised not to daisy chain more than 5m of LED tape in one long line.
  • Please ensure that you follow this rule when joining tape together otherwise the tape could overheat causing it to fail.
We have a range of LED light connectors for a range of cables. From the RGBW solderless connector (12mm) to an RGBW Solderless Quad Cross LED tape connector (12mm). There are several ways to go round corners with LED strip lights, some of which are more permanent solutions than others. The LED strip light corner connectors are a simple alternative to soldering and a quick and easy to use as a strip to strip connector.

These solderless connectors have a rating of IP20 so they are to be used in a dry environment when there is no exposure to moisture.

For more information about our LED cable connectors and LED accessories call our technical sales team by phone, email or live chat.

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  1. 100.675
    8mm Solderless Double Connector
  2. 100.676
    10mm Solderless Double Connector
  3. 100.677
    10mm Solderless RGB Connector
  4. 100.678
    12mm Solderless RGBW Connector
  5. 100.659
    10mm Solderless Double Cross Connector
  6. 100.660
    10mm Solderless RGB Cross Connector
  7. 100.661
    12mm Solderless Quad Cross Connector
  8. 100.679
    8mm Solderless Twin Connector
  9. 100.662
    8mm Solderless double Connector
  10. 100.680
    10mm Solderless Twin Connector
  11. 100.663
    10mm Solderless double Connector
  12. 100.681
    10mm Solderless Tri Connector RGB 15cm
  13. 100.664
    10mm Solderless tri-Colour Double Connector
  14. 100.682
    12mm Solderless Connector RGBW
  15. 100.665
    12mm Solderless Quad Colour Double Connector
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15 Items

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