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Sunricher RF LED Signal Receiver

Sunricher RF LED Signal Receiver

Our RF LED remote receivers are available from our stunning range of Sunricher control systems. RF receivers allow LED lighting to be paired with compatible RF wall panels or handsets for effortless control. 

An RF Signal allows zonal control through a single controller, which is ideal for installations with multiple circuits in separate rooms. By allocating a zone to a receiver users can customise their RF Remote control and even add multiple receivers to a single zone.

Please speak to our technical sales team for more installation tips and advice. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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    Sunricher RF Phase Cut & Push AC Switch
  2. SR1009SACHP
    Sunricher RF Phase Cut & Push AC Dimmer
  3. SR2501SACHP
    Sunricher RF Phase Cut & Push AC Dimmer (SR2501 Series Remotes)
  4. SR2411RFDIM
    Sunricher RF to DALI Receiver for Single Colour Group & Scene Control
  5. SR2411RFCCT
    Sunricher RF to DALI DT8 Receiver for CCT Group & Scene Control
  6. SR2411RFRGB
    Sunricher RF to DALI DT8 Receiver for RGBW Group & Scene Control
    Sunricher RF To TRIAC AC Switch
  8. SR1009AC
    Sunricher RF to TRIAC AC Dimmer
  9. SR1009HT
    Sunricher RF High Voltage RGB Receiver / Controller
  10. SR2817DC
    Sunricher RF to DMX Receiver / Converter Master Unit
  11. SR2817WI
    Sunricher WiFi to DMX Receiver / Converter
  12. SR1009010VPWM
    Sunricher RF to 0-10V Converter / PWM Controller
  13. SR1029
    Sunricher RF Easy Receiver
  14. SR1029W
    Sunricher RF RGBW Easy Receiver for SR2839W Handsets
  15. SR1009CS
    Sunricher RF Single Channel Receiver / Controller
  16. SR1009FA
    Sunricher RF 4 Channel Receiver / Controller
  17. SR1009FAWI
    Sunricher RF & Wi-Fi 4 Channel Receiver / Controller
  18. SR1009FAWP
    Sunricher RF 4 Channel IP68 Rated Receiver / Controller
  19. SR1009EA5C
    Sunricher RF 5 Channel RGB+CCT Receiver / Controller
  20. SRPL10091250CVT
    Sunricher RF Dual Channel (CCT) 12v 50w Slim Style LED Driver
  21. SRP100924100CVF
    Sunricher RF Four Channel 24v 100W Constant Voltage LED Driver
  22. SRPL10092475CVT
    Sunricher RF Dual Channel (CCT) 24v 75w Slim Style LED Driver
  23. SRPC100924200CVF
    Sunricher RF Four Channel 24v 200W Constant Voltage LED Driver
  24. SR2501N
    Sunricher RF 1 & 4 Zone Receiver (For SR2801F & SR2801E Handsets)
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How does an RF LED receiver work?

RF (radio frequency) lighting control uses radio waves to communicate, unlike IR controllers which use infra-red light waves.

A paired LED controller or wall panel will then broadcast radio waves unique to each command that are then received by the RF LED receiver. Once the RF receiver has the commands it decodes the RF signal into a PWM signal to send to the attached lighting.

By altering the PWM frequency of different channels the receiver is able to adjust colour and brightness of both single colour, CT Adjustable and RGB / RGBW LED lighting RF is a wireless protocol and does require line of sight, operating up to 20 metres making it perfect for residential installs.