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Mi-Light & MiBoxer DMX Range

Mi-Light & MiBoxer DMX Range

Here at LED Technologies, we stock an interesting range of DMX LED products, including transmitters and DMX LED Lights. Browse our range of DMX controlled Mi-Light LED lights and find the perfect product for your requirements. Our range includes a powerful 72W DMX LED Wall Washer and a smart wireless DMX LED Transmitter...

Wireless DMX Transmitter

Our Mi-Light DMX512 Wireless Transmitter (FUTD01) uses the 2.4GHz ISM Frequency. This ensures fast, reliable data transmission. This will allow you to control your 2.4G RF wireless LED lights, including LED light bulbs, from your DMX512 controller.

In fact, any LED Light that has a 2.4GHz RF receiver will work with this excellent DMX LED product. The transmitter plugs into your DMX controller through a standard 3 pin XLR connector. It can control 16 groups of 5 channel RGB+CCT products (80 channels of DMX) at the same time.
DMX Preview

To use your wireless DMX transmitter:

  1. Connect the transmitter to the three-pin XLR output socket on your DMX LED controller
  2. Plug the USB power cable into a USB socket
  3. Set the address and group number using the onboard digital interface and control buttons

DMX LED Wall Washer

The popular 1m LED batten from LED Technologies is available with a number of professional features. Using DMX512 protocols you can control the baton using any DMX512 controller. It can be installed individually or linked together with other batons as required in any location, both indoors and outdoors.

Drawing 72 Watts from the RGB CW & WW LEDs, the energy efficient LED wall washer emits a powerful wash of colour. When the light bar is controlled with a DMX desk, it can produce over a stunning 16 million colour combinations.

The main control feature built into the batten includes RDM (Remote Device Management). This enables the various setting on the baton to be adjusted remotely from the DMX desk (RDM enabled control desk required).

You also have the option to adjust the colour temperature with the integrated white LEDs. The available temperatures range from 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white) for a great ambient lighting effect.

The unit is IP66 rated, meaning it can illuminate buildings or other outdoor structures as required. This high power RGB LED batten is perfect for creating an ambient wall light for your interior and exterior lighting.

The DMX link cables have IP66 rated connectors and an IP66 connector to flying lead link cable, available separately if required. Our fixtures require an alternating current input voltage of 100-240 volts.

Mi-Light MiBoxer LED DMX Wall Washers

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  1. D5CX
    D5CX MiBoxer 5 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  2. D4CX
    D4CX MiBoxer 4 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  3. D3CX
    D3CX MiBoxer 3 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  4. D2CX
    D2CX MiBoxer 2 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  5. D1CX
    D1CX MiBoxer 1 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  6. X1
    X1 MiBoxer Single Colour LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  7. X4
    X4 MiBoxer RGBW DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  8. X3
    X3 MiBoxer RGB LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  9. X2
    X2 MiBoxer Colour Temperature DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  10. D5G100
    D5G100 MiBoxer 100W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Floodlight
  11. D5G50
    D5G50 MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Floodlight
  12. D4W72
    D4W72 MiBoxer 72W RGBW AC100-240V DMX LED Wall Washer
    Mi-Light 5m DMX Starter Cable Male 3-Pin XLR to Female IP66
  14. FUTD01
    FUTD01 Mi-Light DMX512 LED Transmitter
  15. D5W72
    D5W72 MiBoxer 72W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Wall Washer
  16. X5
    X5 MiBoxer RGB+CCT LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
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