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A Bluetooth Mesh lighting system is a wireless control system that forms a MESH network. This is a group of products that all communicate with each other so that the wireless signal can find the best around the network.

Bluetooth controlled LED lights are switched and controlled using Bluetooth lighting control products or you can also control them through a free Bluetooth lighting control app on your smartphone.

You can do many things from the smartphone app such as adjust the colour temperature of your dual white LED tape or change the brightness and adjust the colour of your RGB LED strip lights. You can switch and control dozens of lights from the smartphone app or by using a remote control Bluetooth handset or Bluetooth wall panels. Different zones of lighting can be selected from the smartphone application and many products such as handsets and wall panels have multiple zone control.

This network of different products forms the basics of a smart home system using the Bluetooth mesh networking protocol. You can control all the various components in the network from your smartphone or wall switch such as a Bluetooth dimmer or Bluetooth switch. Bluetooth sensors are available that can detect if your doors or windows are opened.

Bluetooth converters are available that change the Bluetooth signal to either DALI or 0-10v. This enables you to also control your DALI or 0-10v lighting products using Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth range is up to 20m between each product that is connected to a permanent power supply and many home devices such as dimmable LED bulbs are available. There are also remote controllers available that can be paired to your network that all work together controlling the various Bluetooth products.

The heart of the network is a Bluetooth application on your smartphone to which all the devices in the network can be connected. Philips Hue has a Bluetooth smartphone application, we stock a Friends of Hue wall panel that can be programmed through the Hue Bluetooth app. It is not necessary to have the Bluetooth App as you can control your lighting from the various devices independently of your smartphone.

There are many compatible Bluetooth devices that can be used in the network such as:

Bluetooth mesh Lighting control is quick and easy to set up and simple to operate. All our Bluetooth mesh lighting control products support Bluetooth version 4.0 which is the latest protocol.
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  1. SRSB2858
    Sunricher SR BUS RGB+CCT 3 Zone 5 Scene Bluetooth Handset
  2. SRSB2803G45C
    Sunricher SR BUS Single Colour, CCT & RGB (3 in 1) Bluetooth Handset
  3. SRSBP2801K4DIM
    Sunricher SR BUS 1 Zone Single Colour Kinetic Bluetooth Wall Panel
  4. SRSBP2801K4DIMG2
    Sunricher SR BUS 2 Zone Single Colour Kinetic Bluetooth Wall Panel
  5. SRSBP2801K4CCT
    Sunricher SR BUS 1 Zone CCT Kinetic Bluetooth Wall Panel
  6. SRSBP2801K4FOS
    Sunricher SR BUS Configurable Kinetic Bluetooth Wall Panel FOS Version
    Sunricher SR BUS AC Phase Cut Bluetooth Switch
  8. SRSB9101SACHP
    Sunricher SR BUS AC Phase Cut Bluetooth Dimmer
  9. SRSB9101EA5C
    Sunricher SR BUS 5 Channel RGB & CCT 4 in 1 C/V Bluetooth Receiver
  10. SRSB2421
    Sunricher SR BUS Converter SR BUS (Bluetooth) to DALI & 0-10v
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