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Mi-Light RF LED Drivers / Receivers

Mi-Light RF LED Drivers / Receivers

We stock a range of radio frequency power supplies from our MiLight product range. It is designed to easily power and controls your LED lighting, such as LED strip lights, without requiring two bulky units.

RF power supplies are intended to regulate the power supply from the main source. It converts 240V mains power into a suitable output voltage for your product. It also ensures that it maintains a constant output despite fluctuations caused by power surges, a common occurrence from mains power.

This RF transformer is compatible with MiLight RF handsets and Wall panels for easy control. It can even be paired with your smartphone using the free MiLight app. An additional hub is required for this feature.

Our drivers also feature an auto transmitting and synchronising function. Multiple drivers can be connected to the same single zone on the controller. Provided they are all within 30m of each other, the driver in the group will sync together. There is no need for additional control cables.

Please speak to our technical sales team for more installation tips and advice. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. PL5
    PL5 MiBoxer 40W RGB+CCT Panel Light Driver
  2. PL2
    PL2 MiBoxer 40W Colour Temperature Panel Light Driver
  3. PL1
    PL1 MiBoxer 40W 0-10V Dimming Driver
  4. HF3P400V210
    HF3P400V210 MiBoxer 2.4GHz High Volt RGB Dimmable LED Driver
  5. CL5P75V24
    CL5P75V24 MiBoxer 2.4GHz 75W RGB+CCT LED Dimming Driver
  6. CL4P75V24
    CL4P75V24 MiBoxer 2.4GHz 75W RGBW LED Dimming Driver
  7. CL3P75V24
    CL3P75V24 MiBoxer 2.4GHz 75W RGB LED Dimming Driver
  8. CL2P75V24
    CL2P75V24 MiBoxer 2.4GHz 75W Dual White LED Dimming Driver
  9. CL1P75V24
    CL1P75V24 MiBoxer RF 75W Single Colour LED Dimming Driver
  10. WL5P75V24
    WL5P75V24 MiBoxer WiFi 75W RGB+CCT Dimmable LED Driver
  11. WL4P75V24
    WL4P75V24 MiBoxer WiFi+2.4GHz 75W RGBW Dimmable LED Driver
  12. WL3P75V24
    WL3P75V24 MiBoxer WiFi+2.4GHz 75W RGB Dimmable LED Driver
  13. WL2P75V24
    WL2P75V24 MiBoxer WiFi+2.4GHz 75W CCT Dimmable LED Driver
  14. WL1P75V24
    WL1P75V24 MiBoxer WiFi 75W Single Colour Dimmable LED Driver
  15. DLPOW1
    DLPOW1 MiBoxer DALI Bus Power Supply DIN Rail
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