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The Lifestyle range features our most economical LED Strip Lights, as a cost effective flexible lighting solution this range is suitable for installations or projects where higher specs are not required.

Our Lifestyle LED Strips are an excellent value for money flexible lighting solution

Available in a range of whites, single colours & RGB colour changing variations, IP20 (non-waterproof) & IP65 (Splashproof) options. Whether you need a short term application for exhibition stands or a low profile light source for your home there is a Lifestyle product readily available for most applications.

We have an extensive range of Proflex Strip lights that will ensure you have an amazing product for your unique installation.

Lifestyle flexible LED strip lighting is a cost effective solution that can be installed almost anywhere...

Flexible LED light strips are suitable for professional LED lighting as well as domestic lighting. They are a perfect addition to your smart home. LED strips are ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. They are high quality and can be installed in any interior space that you need.


Our lifestyle range offers a wide range of single colour LED tapes including Red, Green, Blue and Orange in 12V or 24V variations. We also stock pure white LED strip lights in varying colour temperatures so that you can achieve the right ambient lighting.

Cool White LED lighting is ideal for task lighting to ensure high visibility. It offers a clean and bright lighting effect that is perfect for offices or retail outlets. On the other hand, Warm White LED lighting offers a softer and relaxing effect that is better used for home installations or hotels for an inviting atmosphere.

Lifestyle Excellence

The Lifestyle excellence range offer dimmable RGB LED strip lights. The colour changing ability are an effective way to add a splash of colour to your space. To create pastel shades or pure whites, there are RGBW strips that come in varying colour temperatures. These are also available in 12V or 24V variations.

RGB colours are a great way for achieving a personalised ambient and atmosphere to your space.

Lifestyle strips are suitable for our LED profiles that will provide a soft diffused light in a sleek and modern housing. Profiles will extend the life of your products as it dissipates heat which reduces over heating.

Read Our case study as to why you need an LED profile.

Ensure you have a suitable driver to provide a power supply to your strips.

Read our case study on how to select the appropriate driver.

The LED lighting can be controlled through a range of lighting protocols such as RF, DMX, DALI, 0-10v, ZIGBEE and Z-WAVE. Connect the correct LED receiver for the selected control system. These control systems give you a choice of control options through wall panels, LED dimmer switches and handsets.

Brighten up your project with these value for money Lifestyle LED strips.

Lifestyle Features

Colour Range

Our Lifestyle range is available in a range of whites, single colours & rgb colour changing

IP Ratings

Both IP20 and IP65 rated LED Strip lights can be found within the Lifestyle Series.


Lifestyle LED Strip lights can be used long term or for short term applications.

Lifestyle Ranges