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The Lifestyle range features our most economical LED Strip Lights, as a cost effective flexible lighting solution this range is suitable for installations or projects where higher specs are not required.

Our Lifestyle LED Strips are an excellent value for money flexible lighting solution

Available in a range of whites, single colours & RGB colour changing variations, IP20 (non-waterproof) & IP65 (Splashproof) options. Whether you need a short term application for exhibition stands or a low profile light source for your home there is a Lifestyle product readily available for most applications.

Brighten up your project with these great Lifestyle LED Strip Lights.

Lifestyle Features

Colour Range

Our Lifestyle range is available in a range of whites, single colours & rgb colour changing

IP Ratings

Both IP20 and IP65 rated LED Strip lights can be found within the Lifestyle Series.


Lifestyle LED Strip lights can be used long term or for short term applications.

Lifestyle Ranges