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Waterproof LED Strips

LED strip or tape as it is sometimes referred to is basically a flexible circuit board with electronic components mounted on it. As with all electrical products it needs to have protection against the ingress of water or moisture otherwise it will fail over time. The IP rating of the LED tape determines the resistance that the product has to moisture or water so when choosing LED strip products it is very important to consider a number of factors, not only if it is to be mounted in a wet or damp environment but you also need to consider if it is going to be wiped over or cleaned. A lot of mistakes are made for example when LED tape is mounted under a kitchen kick plate and then when the floor is mopped the water can get on the tape causing it to fail.

The various IP ratings are as follows:
IP20: Unprotected, so no covering at all.
IP65: Protected against splashes, this product is normally a coating on the front of the tape so not always suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens.
IP67: Completely coated with Silicone so can be used in wet or damp environments and also submerged for short periods of time.
IP68: Completely coated with Silicone and can be submerged underwater for long periods.

The best LED Strip products for kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, pool areas (not submerged) and for outdoor use where it is going to get wet but not submerged are the IP67 rated products, but for water features and outdoor areas where they are likely to be submerged then IP68 is the best option.

It is also important to consider the connections that are made to the LED tape, any joints in the wires must be made in a waterproof gel connector or waterproof box as water can ingress between the conductor and the insulator on the cables. This eventually makes its way by capillary action into the tape causing it to fail, remember the connections are just as important as the tape product itself.

LED Technologies stock a wide range of IP67 and IP68 rated LED Strips in various solid colours, dual white temperature adjustable, colour changing RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT so we are sure to have a product that is perfect for your installation.

For more information and advice on our LED strips, contact our technical sales team by phone, email or by live chat on our website.