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Professional Accessories for LED Lights

Professional Accessories for LED Lights

We stock a wide range of high-quality accessories and cables to help with your installation of LED tape and lights.

LED technologies simple solder kit is the best solution to connect your LED strip lights together. Soldering is better than any clip together system, we always recommend soldering for long life reliable connections. Everything you need in one case...

We also stock a selection of cable splitters. This includes our Single to Twin Splitter Cable enables you to run two flexible LED light strips from one cable.

We also stock DMX cables extension cables and have an IP65 DMX cable for outdoor use for your LED display lights.

Mains power cables to connect to the power supply are also available and we supply cable ties.

For product assistance please contact us by telephone, email or via our online live chat.

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  1. 100.475
    LED Strip Soldering Kit
  2. 100.687
    Small Cable ties 1000pcs
  3. 100.688
    Large Cable Ties 100pcs
  4. 100.185 / 187 / 212
    LedTech Vr Data Extension Cables in Black Various Options
  5. 100.140
    LEDTech DMX Lead 1.5mtr Super Soft
  6. 100.176
    LEDTech DMX Lead 6mtr Super Soft
  7. 100.673
    Single to Twin Splitter Cables
  8. 100.484
    LEDTech Mains Lead (Min 1mtr) with UK Plug
  9. 101.970
    Silicone End Caps for 8mm PCB LED Strips 10pcs
  10. 101.969
    Silicone End Caps for 12mm PCB LED Strips 10pcs
  11. 101.968
    Silicone End Caps for 10mm PCB LED Strips 10pcs
  12. 100.943
    Pixel HD RGB Starter Cable
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