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LED strip lighting comes in a range of specs with each suited to different types of projects. Specialist LED tapes feature high specs such as CRI rating, wattage and LED pm for high-end projects. As a company we keep stock of a huge range of High Quality LED strips tailored to high-end lighting installs. 

The CRI rating of an LED is the quality of light compared to a natural light source (measured from 0-100). Our High CRI rated Strip lights produce a true white light suited to retail and production installations.

High wattage strips are used when a larger amount of light is needed or an LED strip is being used as the primary light source. As a company, we keep a wide range of high output Strip lighting for high brightness installations.

A continual hue of light is often the desired effect when installing LED strips and can be done in a number of ways. Using LED tapes lights with a high density of LEDs allows the light from each diode to merge into a continual light. This is often important in interior design when creating a soothing aesthetic

Shop our selection of specialist LED strip lighting and find a high-quality strip light for your lighting project. Next Day Delivery Available.

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  1. 101.191
    ModelFlex RGB LED Strip
  2. 100.181
    StudioFlex Natural White LED Strip 3900-4200K 48W CRI>95
  3. proset4
    Wardrobe Lighting Bundle
  4. proset2
    Proflex Colour Temperature Adjustable Bundle (IP67)
  5. proset1
    ProFlex RGBCW Bundle (Indoor IP20)
  6. 101.151
    ProFlex RGBWW LED Strip Light (Black PCB) 24V 96W IP20
  7. 101.150
    ProFlex RGB LED Strip 12V 72W IP67
  8. 100.928
    ModelFlex Orange LED Strip 605-610NM
  9. 100.927
    ModelFlex Blue LED Strip 460-465NM
  10. 100.926
    ModelFlex Green LED Strip 520-525NM
  11. 100.925
    ModelFlex Red LED Light Strip 620-625NM
  12. 100.924
    ModelFlex Daylight White LED Strip 4000/4500K
  13. 100.923
    ModelFlex Warm White LED Strip 2900/3100K
  14. 100.617
    Ultra Thin Cool White LED Light Bar 1.5W 12V IP67
  15. 100.916
    ProFlex Cool White 6000-6500K Marine IP68
  16. 100.920
    StudioFlex MW RGB LED Strip 72W IP67
  17. ProFlex Pink LED Strip 24V 72W IP20
  18. ProFlex Orange LED Strip 24V 72W IP20
  19. ProFlex Green LED Strip 24V 72W IP20
  20. ProFlex Blue LED Strip 24V 72W IP20
  21. ProFlex Red LED Strip 24V 72W IP20
  22. 100.844
    StudioFlex RGB Cool/Warm White CRI80+ (2400-2600K & 6000-6500K) LED Strip - 24V 100W IP20
  23. ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 3000-3500K 24V 72W IP20
  24. 100.813
    ProFlex RGB UV LED Strip (395NM) 24V IP20 Black PCB
  25. 100.777
    ProFlex RGB Indigo (450NM) 24V IP20 Black PCB
  26. 100.693
    StudioFlex MW Cool White LED Strip 5500-6500K 96W IP67
  27. 100.753
    ProFlex RGBWW LED Strip (3000-3500K) 24V 96W IP20
  28. 100.742
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2800-3300K 10mtr IP67
  29. 100.743
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2500-2900K 10mtr IP67
  30. 100.741
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 5700-6900K 10mtr IP67
  31. 100.744
    ProFlex RGB Amber LED Strip 24V 96W IP20
  32. 100.600
    StudioFlex Warm White LED Strip 2800-3200K - 24V 204 LED'S /M
  33. 100.599
    StudioFlex Warm White LED Strip 2600-2800K - 24V 204 LED'S /M
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What is LED strip lighting?

An LED strip is a flexible circuit board populated Colour changing or single Colour LEDs. Strip lights are easy to install and are manufactured with a sticky 3M adhesive back for fixing. 

LED tape is available in single colours as well as colour changing models using RGB and RGBW LEDs. By mixing colours together including Red, green, blue and white colour changing strips are able to produce a full range of colours.

LED strip lights can be easily cut to size and are used frequently in bespoke lighting design for furniture and cabinet lighting.