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Commercial Cordless LED Table Lamps

Commercial Cordless LED Table Lamps

Add tasteful ambient lighting to your commercial space with our stunning rechargeable Cordless Table Lamps. With a range of stunning lamp designs to choose from, these practical and smart LED table lamps are perfect for restaurants, hotels and even yachts.

Our range of luxury Cordless Table Lamps feature RGB colour-changing options with a handy remote to control the lighting. A warm white option is also available to provide a warm light to your tables. A range of colours and modes can be chosen through our LED Lamp Remote Controller.

The LED table lamp rechargeable battery has a charging time of 6 hours. We also supply a range of charging solutions for our battery powered table lamps. Our largest charging station is a trolley that can charge up to 24 lamps at once. The LED light inside the lamps will indicate if the lamp has been fully charged by turning green.

Our LED rechargeable table lamps are made from high-quality components. They are designed to be water resistant with an IP rating of IP44. Read more about IP ratings by reading "LED Product Filters explained". This makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

For added convenience, our battery operated LED table lamps can be controlled using an IR remote control. This will enable easy adjustment of your lamps' colour, brightness and colour-changing modes. All accessories for our range of commercial table lamps are available separately.

Our rechargeable cordless lamps are an energy-efficient and convenient solution for creating soft and relaxing ambient lighting in your chosen commercial space.

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  1. 101.921
    Crystal Curve Cordless LED Table Lamp
  2. 101.922
    Crystal Column Cordless LED Table Lamp
  3. 101.923
    Crystal Tower Cordless LED Table Lamp
  4. 101.924
    Crystal Tower Tiles Cordless LED Table Lamp
  5. 101.925
    Crystal Ball Cordless LED Table Lamp
  6. 101.926
    Frosted Egg Cordless LED Table Lamp
  7. 101.927
    Arabic Splendour Cordless LED Table Lamp
  8. 101.928
    Marble Tower Cordless LED Table Lamp
  9. 101.929
    Classic Marble Cordless LED Table Lamp
  10. 101.930
    Black Flex Marble Cordless LED Table Lamp
  11. 101.931
    Stone Effect Marble Cordless LED Table Lamp
  12. 101.932
    Arabic Splendour Gold Cordless LED Table Lamp
  13. 101.933
    Remote Control for Cordless Table Lamps
  14. 101.934
    Charging Trolley for 24 Cordless Table Lamps
  15. 101.935
    Charging Tray for 8 Cordless Table Lamps
  16. 101.936
    Charging Tray for 4 Cordless Table Lamps
  17. 101.937
    Charging Tray for 2 Cordless Table Lamps
  18. 101.945
    LED Cordless Table Lamp 5V Power Adapter
  19. 101.946
    Cordless Table Lamp Removal Tool
  20. 101.944
    Cordless Table Lamp LED Battery Pack Type 1
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