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Mi-Light DALI Controllers

Mi-Light DALI Controllers

The DALI control protocol is a lighting control system used to control lighting and other products. It is used for both domestic and commercial installations DALI and DALI-2 are DALI standards.

All our DALI LED controllers are DALI 2 lighting control standard, which is the latest version of the DALI protocol. Available from our range of Mi-Light DALI lighting controls are two DALI 5 in 1 control units. ..

Browse our wide range of DALI Lighting Control solutions from Mi-Light. Control your lights with ease. We ensure fast, reliable data transmission and will enable you to control your low voltage (12v or 24v) LED lighting products such as LED Strip Lights and LED Neon products accurately and with no interference between units.

One of the control devices is a DALI DT8 control system. This compact "Five-in-One" DALI (stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) / PWM controller conforms to the following DALI protocols (IEC62386-102.207.209): DALI DT8, Tc and XY Coordinates. This controller boasts an impressive management system; able to control 5 types of LED lighting.

This DALI lighting Control system is great for controlling any of your remote-controlled LED intelligent lighting systems. Make sure your LED lighting is connected to a suitable power supply. Then simply wire the lights into your stylish DALI LED driver and enjoy full control over your LED lighting DALI system.

We also supply a range of DALI wall panel controllers to improve your DALI lighting system. These wall panels are available in a range of options:

  • Single Colour / Dimming Wall Panel
  • Dual Colour Wall Panel
  • RGB+CCT Wall Panel
  • DT6 & DT8 Wall Panels

We offer a five-year warranty on all Mi-Light products purchased from LED Technologies. For more information on how LED Technologies can help you with your LED products please call our technical sales team, email or contact us via live chat.

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  1. DP3S
    DP3S MiBoxer 3-in-1 DALI DT8 Touch Wall Panel
  2. DP3
    DP3 MiBoxer DALI RGB+CCT Dimming Wall Panel
  3. DP2S
    DP2S MiBoxer DALI DT8 Colour Temperature Touch Wall Panel
  4. DP1S
    DP1S MiBoxer DALI Dimming Touch Wall Panel DT6
  5. DP1
    DP1 MiBoxer DALI Brightness Dimming Wall Panel
  6. DLPOW1
    DLPOW1 MiBoxer DALI Bus Power Supply DIN Rail
  7. DLX
    DLX MiBoxer DALI DT8 5 in 1 LED Controller
  8. DL5
    DL5 MiBoxer DALI 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller
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