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From our stylish range of Miboxer LED lights comes out high quality RGB+CCT LED wall washer light bars.

Our LED batten lighting are designed to project an even wash of light across walls. It features a 15 by 60 degree beam angle. The IP66 rating makes them perfect for outdoor use. They can effortlessly light up your buildings or outdoor spaces such as fences or garden walls. Create stunning visual effects with custom mixed colours to accurately achieve the mood and atmosphere that you want to create...

LED light battens are perfect for a wide range of spaces including domestic and commercial applications.

Wall washers are a great indoor lighting solution in bedroom or living rooms. As they are splashproof, they are also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. The mood and atmosphere can be adjusted for a range of activities. Create soft and relaxing ambient lighting or a bright and playful lighting that is particularly ideal for Childrens rooms.

Light battens are a perfect replacement for fluorescent tubes. These are often used in commercial spaces such as offices, hotels or retail outlets.

They are also ideal for event lighting such as outdoor wedding lights. They can be used to glamorously light up marquees in sleek and contemporary designs. Other events include festivals, exhibitions and parties as the lights can be paired with colour changing modes for interesting lighting.

The colour changing ability of the LED battens allow a variety of lighting options. They are capable of creating over 16 million colours through mixing the RGB colours. It also features Cool White and Warm White dedicated channels which allow a pure white to be achieved. This can also be mixed with the RGB colours to create pastel colours with varying colour temperatures.

There are endless possibilities that enable you full control over the lighting colour and brightness. Achieve the perfect mood and aura that you want easily.

The main control feature incorporated into the batten includes RDM (Remote Device Management). This enables the various setting on the batten to be adjusted remotely from the DMX desk (RDM enabled control desk required).

Otherwise, control your RGBW LED wall washer using the three-button user interface and digital display.

The batten is supplied with rotating fixing brackets that you can screw into place to ensure installation is easy. These brackets let you adjust the angle more precisely and can be tilted up to a maximum angle of 180 degrees. This enables the light to be focused exactly where required to give the perfect wall washing light.

This unit has a built-in power supply and receiver, using the latest LED technology on the market.

Please call our technical sales team, email or contact us via live chat for help and advice.

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  1. RL524
    Mi-Light 24V RGB+CCT 24W LED Slimline Wall Washer
  2. AMGL12DN23
    AMGL12DN23 Mi-Light 3m Extension Cable 2-Pin IP66
  3. BYMWR0001005
    BYMWR0001005 Mi-Light 5m DMX Extension Cable 3-Pin IP66
  4. DMXLINE10000
    Mi-Light 5m DMX Connection Cable Male 3-Pin XLR to Female IP66
    Mi-Light 5m DMX Starter Cable Male 3-Pin XLR to Female IP66
  6. D5W72
    D5W72 MiBoxer 72W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Wall Washer
  7. D4W72
    D4W72 MiBoxer 72W RGBW AC100-240V DMX LED Wall Washer
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