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Exhibitions are a great marketing investment and serve as a way to reach out to new clients and promote your business. It is of course important to stand out at these events to attract new potential customers.

The right exhibition design lighting is a great way to illuminate focal points and graphics to make your display stand out from the rest. Our extensive range of suitable exhibition lighting includes ranges from Long Arm and Compact Display Lights to a massive range of flexible LED Strip Lights and Neon Flexes. We are sure to have a solution that will help to enhance your stand and give it the wow factor...

LED Technologies deal with most exhibition and event companies in the UK so why not ask them for details on our products. We are easy to find at: or by calling our sales team: 01260 540014

Why choose LED lights?

One of the most important factors to consider with your exhibition display stand lighting is the cost of running it. Traditionally, halogen and tungsten lights were used on display stands, but these use a lot of power. With exhibition halls demanding more and more money to provide power sockets, the less power and the fewer sockets you need to run your lights will help to keep your costs down.

LED display lighting uses around 10% of the halogen or tungsten light equivalent. Insisting your exhibition company uses energy-efficient LED light sources will help keep your costs down and help you do your bit for the environment. LED also emits much less UV radiation so it will not discolour your products or graphics, extending their life span.

Our range of Exhibition & Trade show display lights

LED Technologies stocks a wide range of display lighting solutions suited to bespoke stand builds and pop-up stands. We have a range of “Long Arm Exhibition Lights” available in Silver, Black or White paint finish.

Silver is the most popular colour as it is a neutral colour for most stand decors and won't clash with your chosen colour schemes. With various fixings available that can be slid onto the mounting plate, these clip-on spotlights are suitable for mounting to most stands.

We also have a powerful “Compact Display Light” that compliments our Long Arm Lights perfectly, available in the same colour options. These small but very powerful lights are the perfect replacement for the bright but power-hungry metal halide lights that used to be popular with exhibition companies.

Using much less power and running a lot cooler, the compact display light illuminates a much larger area in a cool white light which does not discolour your graphics or the products you want to highlight.

Our vast range of coloured LED strip lights is perfect for highlighting and enhancing your trade show exhibit stand, creating a bright halo of light to your stand base. Our LED strip is also perfect for product illumination or for emphasising stand features such as a wall or around graphics.

Our LED tapes are available in a wide range of colours or colour temperatures including:

  • Colour temperature adjustable
  • Colour changing strips in RGB, RGBW or RGB+CCT

Our selection of exhibition display lights features a range of professional adjustable LED downlights. These units are a perfect lighting solution for your banner stands and display cabinet lighting as they provide a stunning beam of light to your showcase. Our white LED downlights are available in a range of different styles, shapes and wattages. Our adjustable downlights have a tiltable head, allowing the direction of the beam to be moved once installed.

For larger display stands where a wash of light is required against a wall or feature, LED Technologies also supply a slimline 1 metre (3ft) LED batten. This product is perfect for illuminating those larger showcase items.

When making a lightbox or light panel, our LED modules are an ideal solution as they have a very wide beam angle and can be mounted to follow shapes and lettering without producing pinpoints of light. Our Honeycomb Panels can illuminate a very narrow lightbox without any pixilation. For an unbroken line of light with no pixels, we have a pixel-free LED strip available in various colours including colour temperature adjustable and colour changing.

For the ultimate pixel-free line of light, however, our range of NEOLinear and Mini-Neon products is a perfect solution.

Our range of Mi-Light products includes RGB+CCT LED battens and floodlights ideal for creating a bright wash of light for your stand. With various control options available from Mi-Light and Sunricher you can control your lighting perfectly, creating the ideal ambience for your exhibition stand.

Shop our selection today or speak to one of our technical specialists to find the right lighting solution and compatible power supplies for your display stand. We are available by email, phone and live chat on our website.

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  1. 100.841
    LEDTech Silver 30W Compact Display Light
  2. 100.843
    LEDTech White 30W Compact Display Light
  3. 100.842
    LEDTech Black 30W Compact Display Light
  4. 100.608
    LEDTech Silver LED Exhibition Display Light 21W
  5. 100.711
    LEDTech White LED Exhibition Display Light 21W
  6. 100.740
    LEDTech Black LED Exhibition Display Light 21W
  7. 100.726
    Large G Clamp for Exhibiton light
  8. 100.727
    Small G Clamp for Exhibiton light
  9. 100.721
    LEDTech Long Arm Exhibition Light top slot fitting
  10. 100.507
    LEDTech Slimline Mounting Clip for Long Arm Exhibition Lights
  11. 100.728
    Plug type power supply
  12. 100.629
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 0.36W Pack of 50
  13. 100.630
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  14. 100.631
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 1.08W Pack of 20
  15. 100.632
    Cool White(5500-6500K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  16. 100.863
    Daylight White (4000-4500K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  17. 100.618
    Warm White (2700-3300K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  18. 100.736
    Red LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  19. 100.737
    Green LED Module 1.44w Pack of 20
  20. 100.738
    Blue LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  21. 100.739
    Orange LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  22. 100.715
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 1.4W 12 x 56deg Pack of 30
  23. 100.656
    LED RGB LED Module 1.44W 12V Pack of 20
  24. 100.716
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 2.8W 20pcs
  25. 100.546
    LEDTech RGB Cool White LED Downlighter - 8W
  26. 101.182
    LEDTech CCT Adustable LED Downlighter - 6W
  27. 100.547
    LEDTech RGB Warm White LED Downlighter - 8W
  28. 100.548
    LEDTech RGB Cool White LED Downlighter - 40W
  29. 100.671
    LEDTech RGB Natural White LED Downlighter - 40W
  30. 100.549
    LEDTech RGB Warm White LED Downlighter - 40W
  31. 100.372
    LEDTech Slimline Batten 36x1w Cool White 1 Metre IP65
  32. 100.472
    Lifestyle Cool White LED Strip 12V 24W IP20
  33. 100.471
    Lifestyle Warm White LED Strip 12V 24W IP20
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Types of Exhibition Lighting

Strip lighting is highly versatile and used in a number of ways on exhibition stands due to its flexibility. LED strips are typically used to create halo effects around focal points like logos and countertops. It is also a great way to backlight graphics made with acrylic or stretch fabric to make them stand out.

LED Modules are another great way to backlight graphics as well as more complex shapes like 3D letters and Logos. With a wide beam angle and flexible design, modules can be easily positioned to backlight more complex shapes.

LED downlights are a great way to spotlight features or supply general lighting to darker points on the stand. With Colour changing options available it is easy to create a range of effects or match brand colours. 

Long arm display lights are a lighting solution tailored to exhibition and display stands. By fixing a long arm to the top of an exhibition stand users can create a bright wash of cool white light across the face of their graphic. With a number of fixing clips available, long arms can be installed on both bespoke and pop up stands.

For spotlighting larger features and graphics we keep stock of energy-efficient compact display lights. These products feature a direct beam angle designed to provide a direct wash of light over a large area. 

For further details on our extensive range of LED exhibition lighting be sure to contact us on 01260 540014.