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Bespoke Manufacturing

Here at LED Technologies, we specialise in bespoke LED Strip light and Neonflex production for commercial installations.

We fuse high quality materials, technical expertise & manufacturing ability together to create reliable, bespoke LED Light solutions for every installation.

With our unique manufacturing capabilities, it makes it possible for us to work closely with our clients to create a unique LED lighting solution for your needs.

We can specify custom; Wattages, Lengths, LED Chip specifications, IP Ratings, CRI ratings, Colour and Colour Temperature, all to suit the requirements of your installation.

We choose to cut and specify our LED Products before the manufacturing process begins as we find that this is the most efficient way to guarantee quality and consistency.

Bespoke LED Strip Lights
Bespoke LED Strip Lights Manufacturing.
Bespoke Neon Flex
Bespoke Neon Flex Manufacturing.

Bespoke LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights are widely used and require minimal wiring when compared with similar alternatives. Its low-profile design makes it able to be easily kept out of sight whilst still providing a bright light output.

Available in a range of vivd colours including 25 colour temperature whites, 6 Single colours & multiple RGB Colour changing variations.

Featuring an impressive technical specification our LED Strips are ideal for a wide range of installations, from TV Studios to Theatres to Living Areas.

Our Process

1. Specification
2. Manufacture
3. Test & Examine
Package & Ship
4. Package & Ship