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Mi-Light LED RF Receivers

Mi-Light LED RF Receivers

Browse our wide range of LED RF Receivers from Mi-Light. Control your lights with ease. These LED Strip controllers are designed to work with the Mi-Light RF handsets and RF Wall Panels on the 2.4GHz ISM Frequency.

This ensures fast, reliable data transmission and will enable you to control your low voltage (12v or 24v) LED lighting products such as LED Strip Lights and LED Neon products accurately and with no interference between units.

Our range of energy efficient LED receivers require an input voltage of AC100-240V and include:

They are compact and simple to install in to many settings. These small LED controllers can be mounted just about anywhere and are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

All our 2.4GHz radio frequency receivers feature an auto transmitting & synchronising function. When multiple units are paired to the same zone on the controller, providing they are all within 30m of each other, all the receivers in the group will sync together. No interconnecting control cables are needed.

With the various control options available, you can either sync all your receivers together or control them in separate zones from a single remote control Handset or Wall panel.

Our range of RF Receivers are great for controlling:

In addition, the LED Strip Light controllers can be controlled from your phone with the free Mi-Light phone app. You can also control your LED lights with your voice using home automation devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Note: An additional hub is required for smartphone & voice control.

We offer a five-year warranty on all Mi-Light products purchased from LED Technologies.
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  1. LS2
    LS2 MiBoxer 5 in 1 Smart LED Controller
  2. WL5
    WL5 MiBoxer WiFi 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller
  3. TRIC1
    TRIC1 MiBoxer AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer
  4. SYST1
    SYST1 MiBoxer 1-Channel Host Controller
  5. FUT039Z
    FUT039Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 RGB+CCT LED Controller
  6. FUT038Z
    FUT038Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 RGBW LED Controller
  7. FUT037Z
    FUT037Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 RGB LED Controller
  8. FUT036Z
    FUT036Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 Single Colour LED Controller
  9. FUT035Z
    FUT035Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 Dual White LED Controller
  10. DLX
    DLX MiBoxer DALI DT8 5 in 1 LED Controller
  11. DL5
    DL5 MiBoxer DALI 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller
  12. FUT045
    FUT045 MiBoxer Five Channel (RGB+CCT) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  13. FUT044
    FUT044 MiBoxer Four Channel (RGBW) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  14. FUT043
    FUT043 MiBoxer Three Channel (RGB) RF 2.4GHz Receiver
  15. FUT039
    FUT039 MiBoxer Five Channel (RGB+CCT) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  16. FUT038
    FUT038 MiBoxer Four Channel (RGBW) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  17. FUT037
    FUT037 MiBoxer Three Channel (RGB) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  18. FUT036
    FUT036 MiBoxer Single Channel 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  19. FUT035
    FUT035 MiBoxer Two Channel (CCT) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  20. FUT045A
    FUT045A MiBoxer RGB+CCT Smart LED Strip Control Set
  21. FUT044A
    FUT044A MiBoxer RGBW Smart LED Strip Control Set
  22. FUT043A
    FUT043A MiBoxer RGB Smart LED Strip Control Set
  23. FUT042
    FUT042 MiBoxer RGB LED Strip Control Set
  24. FUT041
    FUT041 MiBoxer Single Colour LED Strip Control Set
  25. FUT040
    FUT040 MiBoxer Dual White LED Strip Control Set
  26. FUT028
    FUT028 MiBoxer RGBW LED Strip Control Set
  27. FUT027
    FUT027 MiBoxer Touch Sensitive LED RGBW Control Set
  28. FUT025
    FUT025 MiBoxer Touch Screen LED RGB Control Set
  29. FUT022
    FUT022 MiBoxer RF Colour Temperature Adjustable LED Controller
  30. FUT021
    FUT021 MiBoxer RF Wireless LED Dimmer
  31. FUT020
    FUT020 MiBoxer RGB LED Control Set
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