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LED light receivers are designed to receive a data signal from a control unit, such as a Wall Panel or Handset and thus adjust the lighting. This range from Mi-Light is designed to be used in conjunction with other Mi-light devices.

We have a range of energy-efficient LED receivers that are perfect for controlling our LED Strip Lights. This includes Single channel, dual channel, four channel and five channel receivers. It is essential that you select a receiver that is appropriate for the number of channels on the LED product you want to remotely control.

Mi-Light LED receivers are ideal for LED control as they are small and compact. They can be mounted just about anywhere, perfect for both commercial and domestic applications. You can either sync all your receivers together or control them in separate zones all from one control unit. This ensures that control over multiple lighting fixtures is easy.

In addition to a control unit, these LED receivers also allow smartphone control when using the free Mi-Light phone app. This makes it possible to integrate your lighting into your home automation system and achieve voice control. Read more about " Home Automation" using our helpful blog.

Mi-Light offers receivers for RF, 0-10V, DMX and ZIGBEE control options to ensure you have a choice of which control system is best for your installation.

Note: An additional hub is required for smartphone & voice control.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. FUT039L
    FUT039L MiBoxer Five Channel (RGB+CCT) LoRa 433MHz Receiver
  2. RP1
    RP1 MiBoxer 2.4GHz Signal Repeater
  3. WLSW1
    WLSW1 MiBoxer WiFi & 2.4G Smart Switch
  4. PIR1RF
    PIR1RF Mi-Light RF 2.4GHz PIR Sensor (Battery Powered)
  5. FUT037Z-PLUS
    FUT037Z-PLUS MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 3 In 1 LED Controller
  6. FUT035Z-PLUS
    FUT035Z-PLUS MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 2 in 1 LED Controller
  7. PIR1ZB
    PIR1ZB Mi-Light ZIGBEE PIR Sensor (Battery Powered)
  8. TRIC1ZR
    TRIC1ZR Mi-Light ZigBee TRIAC Dimmer
  9. LS2
    LS2 MiBoxer 5 in 1 Smart LED Strip Controller
  10. WL5
    WL5 MiBoxer WiFi 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller
  11. TRIC1
    TRIC1 MiBoxer AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer
  12. SYST1
    SYST1 MiBoxer 1-Channel Host Controller
  13. FUT039Z
    FUT039Z MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 RGB+CCT LED Controller
  14. FUT038Z
    FUT038Z MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 RGBW LED Controller
  15. FUT037Z
    FUT037Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 RGB LED Controller
  16. FUT036Z
    FUT036Z MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 Single Colour LED Controller
  17. FUT035Z
    FUT035Z MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 Dual White LED Controller
  18. DLX
    DLX MiBoxer DALI DT8 5 in 1 LED Controller
  19. DL5
    DL5 MiBoxer DALI 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller
  20. FUT045
    FUT045 MiBoxer Five Channel (RGB+CCT) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  21. FUT044
    FUT044 MiBoxer Four Channel (RGBW) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  22. FUT043
    FUT043 MiBoxer 2.4GHz Three Channel (RGB) RF Receiver
  23. FUT039
    FUT039 MiBoxer Five Channel (RGB+CCT) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  24. FUT038
    FUT038 MiBoxer Four Channel (RGBW) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  25. FUT037
    FUT037 MiBoxer Three Channel (RGB) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  26. FUT036
    FUT036 MiBoxer Single Channel 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  27. FUT035
    FUT035 MiBoxer Two Channel (CCT) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
    AMPDMXXL MiBoxer IP66 DMX Signal Amplifier
  29. FUT037W-PLUS
    FUT037W-PLUS MiBoxer WiFi+2.4GHz 3 In 1 LED Controller
  30. FUT037S-PLUS
    FUT037S-PLUS MiBoxer 2.4GHz 3 In 1 LED Controller
  31. FUT035W-PLUS
    FUT035W-PLUS MiBoxer WiFi+2.4GHz 2 In 1 RF LED Receiver
  32. FUT035S-PLUS
    FUT035S-PLUS MiBoxer 2.4GHz 2 In 1 LED Controller
  33. D4CX
    D4CX MiBoxer 4 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
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