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Mi-Light Mi-Boxer RGB + CCT LED Downlighters

Mi-Light Mi-Boxer RGB + CCT LED Downlighters

Our range of Smart LED Downlighters from Mi-Light encompasses many different designs suitable for most applications in both commercial and domestic installations. All our downlighters feature RGB+CCT LED’s which enable not only millions of colour combinations to be selected but also colour temperature adjustment from 2700K to 6500K and colour saturation control.

Various types of downlighters are available including Anti Glare downlighters’, Slimline downlighters’ for shallow ceiling voids, waterproof downlighters’ for bathrooms and kitchens and tiltable downlighters’ for installations that require a narrower beam of light of just 15º that can be angled to highlight a room or wall feature. All fittings are supplied with their own drivers so require just a mains power supply and they can be installed individually or as part of a larger group of luminaires and with powerful 6W - 25W LED's, Mi-Light downlighters are both bright and stylish.

There are various control options available including remote control RF handsets, RF Wall Panels and in addition, it is possible to control them via an application on your smartphone or even voice control through your smart speaker (an additional hub is required for these options). Some control systems offer single or multiple zone control enabling your downlighters’ to be either operated as one or split into individually controlled zones or areas.

Wireless control helps to minimise cable runs and as the Mi-Light control system features “Signal Transmitting & Mode synchronisation”, each downlighter re-transmits the signal from the remote controller to other lighting fixtures in the group. This effectively creates a MESH network that ensures that all the lighting fixtures in the network will synchronise together wirelessly without any connecting control leads. Providing the first lighting fixture is within 30m of the controller and each subsequent lighting fixture is within 30m of the previous unit, the signal from the controller will jump from fixture to fixture indefinitely.
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  1. FUT072
    FUT072 MiBoxer 18W Anti-glare RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  2. FUT071
    FUT071 MiBoxer 12W Anti-glare RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  3. FUT070
    FUT070 MiBoxer 6W Anti-glare RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  4. FUT069
    FUT069 MiBoxer 15W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  5. FUT068
    FUT068 MiBoxer 6W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  6. FUT066
    FUT066 MiBoxer 12W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  7. FUT065
    FUT065 MiBoxer 18W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  8. FUT064
    FUT064 MiBoxer 9W RGB+CCT Square LED Downlight
  9. FUT063
    FUT063 MiBoxer 6W RGB+CCT Waterproof LED Downlight
  10. FUT062
    FUT062 MiBoxer 9W RGB+CCT LED Ceiling Spotlight
  11. FUT061
    FUT061 MiBoxer 9W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  12. FUT060
    FUT060 MiBoxer 25W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
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