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Wall Mounted LED Profiles

Wall Mounted LED Profiles

We stock a range of LED wall profiles that are designed to mount your LED Strip Lightso your wall for a professional and high-quality lighting installation. Providing sturdy housing for your lighting, Wall LED profiles are a must-have product.

Wall LED aluminium Profiles offer a wealth of benefits for your LED lighting. Read our blog " Why do I need LED profile? " as to why we advise using aluminium LED profiles.

We have many variations including DADO rail profiles that provide a clean covering for your profile. The light will glamorously shine out of the top of your profile. We also have a two-way bar LED wall channel that you can mount two LED tapes into. The light will therefore shine from the top and the bottom of the profile.

Wall Profiles for LED lights are available in 1 and 2-metre variations with diverse styles, including our tubular diffuser that is designed to be hung from the ceiling. The perfect replacement for already existing tube lighting to keep the aesthetic and design but with energy-saving LED lighting.

LED Technologies have a wide range of different LED profiles. Therefore it is vital to ensure you make the time to find the best profile for your application. Ensure that it is big enough to fit your chosen LED strip and offers the effects that you require.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. 100.639
    Round Section LED Profile 1 MTR
  2. 100.948
    Tubular Diffuser LED Profile 1 MTR
  3. 100.949
    Tubular LED Profile 2 MTR
  4. 100.888
    Dado Rail LED Profile 1 MTR
  5. 100.889
    Dado Rail LED Profile 2 MTR
  6. 100.886
    2 Way Bar LED Profile 1 MTR
  7. 100.887
    2 Way Bar LED Profile 2 MTR
  8. 101.213
    Octowash Profile 1 MTR
  9. 101.175
    Circular LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  10. 101.174
    Circular LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
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Installing Wall Mounted LED Profile

Installing LED strip lighting within a surface mount aluminium profile has many practical and visual benefits. Primarily extrusion acts as a sturdy housing protecting the strip from external damage. 

As well as giving the LED strip a professional finish extrusion also acts as a heat sink to prevent overheating. Further to this, the diffuser allows the LED strip to be easily cleaned. 

By cutting LED profiles to length users can create bespoke lighting solutions alongside our extensive range of LED Strips. For further information on our wall mounted LED profile be sure to get in touch on 01260 540 014.