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LED Light Controller

LED Light Controller

There is a huge range of LED control protocols that will allow you to effortlessly control your LED lighting. This includes RF, DMX and Z-wave to name a few. We supply a vast range of LED light remote controls including LED control panels and LED remote control handsets.

Our LED controllers will allow you to easily and smoothly adjust a range of settings of our lighting, depending on the capabilities of your light fixture. You can adjust brightness, colour selection, colour temperature and colour changing modes all from one LED controller.

We have control units for a range of colour options including single colours, dual-white and RGB. We also supply a range of RGBW and RGB+CCT controllers for RGBW LED products. You can control the dedicated white LED channel, as well as the RGB colours. Find the perfect control solution for your lighting system today.

Our LED dimmers are available in black and white finishes that will blend into your space easily. With a range of styles, you will be able to find the perfect control system and control unit for your application.

Our high-quality control systems do not need a physical connection to your receiver. Only requiring a power cable which serves to enable a clean installation without excessive wires.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. SRP210824100CVF
    Sunricher DMX Ultra Pro 4 Channel 24V 100w DMX Driver with RDM & Master Mode
  2. SRP230575CCF
    Sunricher DALI Professional 75W 24V Constant Current DALI DT6 Driver
  3. SR2108BM55700MA
    Sunricher DMX Ultra-Pro 5 Channel 700mA C/C DMX Decoder RDM & Master Mode
  4. SR2102RJ45DIN
    Sunricher DMX DIN Mountable 4 Channel DMX Decoder RJ45 with RDM
  5. FUT039L
    FUT039L MiBoxer Five Channel (RGB+CCT) LoRa 433MHz Receiver
    Sunricher DALI DT6 Single Colour Four Scenes Four Addresses DALI Wall Panel White (Mains Voltage)
    Sunricher DALI DT8 Four Zone Dual Colour (CCT) Double Touch Slider DALI Wall Panel White (Mains Voltage)
  8. SRP210675WCCT
    Sunricher DMX Dual Channel Constant Current 75W DMX Driver with RDM
  9. SRZGP2801K4F
    Sunricher ZigBee Configurable Kinetic Wall Panel
  10. SR2300TOLED
    Sunricher DALI Master OLED Wall Panel White (Mains Voltage)
  11. SR2108BM25
    Sunricher DMX Ultra-Pro 25 Channel DMX Decoder with RDM & Master Mode
  12. SRZGP2801K4DIMS
    Sunricher ZigBee Single Colour 1 x Group Light Powered Wall Panel
  13. RP1
    RP1 MiBoxer 2.4GHz Signal Repeater
  14. WLSW1
    WLSW1 MiBoxer WiFi & 2.4G Smart Switch
  15. PIR1RF
    PIR1RF Mi-Light RF 2.4GHz PIR Sensor (Battery Powered)
  16. WLBOX2
    WLBOX2 MiBoxer 2.4GHz Gateway
  17. FUT043A-PLUS
    FUT043A-PLUS MiBoxer Smart 3-in-1 LED Strip Control Set
  18. SR2303BWP
    Sunricher DALI Four Channel DALI-2 DT6 Dimmer IP67
  19. SR2100AMPRJ45
    Sunricher DMX Professional DMX Signal Booster RJ45
  20. SR2100AMP
    Sunricher DMX Professional DMX Signal Booster
  21. SR2100AMPRDM8CH5
    Sunricher DMX Professional 8 Way DMX Splitter & DMX Amplifier with RDM
  22. SRP23052430CV
    Sunricher DALI DT6 24V 30W Dimmable Driver
  23. FUT037Z-PLUS
    FUT037Z-PLUS MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 3 In 1 LED Controller
  24. FUT035Z-PLUS
    FUT035Z-PLUS MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 2 in 1 LED Controller
  25. SRP210675WCCF
    Sunricher DMX Professional 4 Channel Constant Current 75W DMX Driver with RDM
  26. PIR1ZB
    PIR1ZB Mi-Light ZIGBEE PIR Sensor (Battery Powered)
  27. TRIC1ZR
    TRIC1ZR Mi-Light ZigBee TRIAC Dimmer
  28. FUT089S
    FUT089S Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (6 Zone)
  29. FUT100
    FUT100 Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (100 Zone)
  30. SR2303AC4CHDIN
    Sunricher DALI DT6 4 Channel Phase Cut DIN Mountable Dimmer
    Sunricher DALI DT8 RGBW LED 4 x Scenes Wall Panel White (Mains voltage)
    Sunricher DALI DT8 RGBW LED 4 x Zone Wall Panel White (Mains voltage)
  33. SRPC210812200CVF
    Sunricher DMX Ultra Pro Constant Voltage 12V 200W DMX Driver with RDM & Master Mode
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