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LED Technologies supplies a wide range of LED control & dimming products, spanning various control protocols, we are sure to have a control solution for your LED lighting projects that will fit your requirements.

Our wireless control systems include wall panels, handsets, receivers and drivers that will all work together with no connecting control cables. Easily control your single colour, dual colour, or colour changing low voltage or mains powered LED Tape & other lighting products wirelessly with our extensive range of control solutions...

Our extensive range of LED controllers and dimmers will allow you to remotely control the brightness, colour and saturation of your LED strip lighting & other LED lighting units. Browse our range of single colour, dual white, RGB LED controllers. We also supply a range of RGBW & RGB+CCT controllers which will allow you to control the integrated white LED's on applicable RGBW LED lights. Find the perfect control solution for your lighting system today.

Other than power cables there is no need to make a physical connection between the controllers and receivers/drivers making your installation much easier.

Our range of LED Control Protocols

We stock a range of lighting control solutions that can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into your existing system, these include:

  • Wireless LED Remote Control
  • WiFi LED Controllers
  • DMX LED controllers, drivers & converters
  • DALI lighting control systems
  • ZIGBEE controllers
  • Z-Wave
  • Bluetooth LED controllers
  • 0-10v LED dimmers & controllers

The DMX512 decoders and drivers that we stock will work with your existing DMX control system. If required we can supply a DMX wall panel for customers who prefer a wired control system and don’t have an in house DMX controller.

From a simple hard-wired decoder to our professional range of Ultra-Pro decoders and drivers that feature a high PWM frequency together with 8 - 16 bit selectable control options as demanded by film and TV production companies, we are sure to have a product for your project.

Our Ultra-Pro DMX decoders also feature RDM for bi-directional communication between your RDM enabled DMX desk and the decoder. This allows the main functions of the decoder to be accessed directly from the desk.

All our DALI system controller products are DALI 2 compatible. We stock a range of DALI dimmers and drivers with DALI DT6, DALI DT8 and DALI XY Coordinate protocols. For further information on all our DALI control devices, go to the Sunricher DALI section of our website where you will find DALI wall panels, dimmers, DALI LED drivers and DALI BUS power supplies.

Control your LED lights through Smart Home Automation Systems

For the wireless home automation market, LED Technologies have a comprehensive range of ZIGBEE, Z-Wave and Bluetooth products. These are designed to work as a stand-alone MESH network or with third-party products such as:

  • Philips Hue
  • Samsung Smart Things
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Smart Home

Many other companies use ZIGBEE and Z-Wave protocols which enable control through your smartphone, tablet or using voice control from your smart speaker.

Our excellent Bluetooth system enables control over your domestic lighting through your smartphone, or our Bluetooth wall panel and handset controllers. Bluetooth control of your remote-controlled LED lights is achieved through a simple wireless MESH network system that is easy to set up and operate.

If you are considering a ZIGBEE LED control or Bluetooth system, take a look at our Kinetic Wall Panels which do not require any power or batteries. They work from an “inbuilt” micro generator that powers the wall panel and transmits a signal to the wireless receiver. You can quite literally mount them just about anywhere with no channelling of walls for power or control cables.

For a system that uses the 0/1-10v protocol, we stock 0/1-10v wall panels and dimmers that will integrate with your 0/1-10v system.

We have an in house technical support team who can help you get the best out of our products so please contact us by telephone, email or via our live chat.

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  1. SRPC210812200CVF
    Sunricher Professional Constant Voltage 12V 200W DMX Driver with RDM
  2. SRP2309PRO75WCCF
    Sunricher DALI DT8 4 in 1 Professional 75W Constant Current DALI Driver
  3. SRP210650WCCT
    Sunricher DMX Dual Channel Constant Current 50w DMX Driver with RDM
  4. LS2
    LS2 MiBoxer 5 in 1 Smart LED Strip Controller
  5. ZBBOX2
    ZBBOX2 MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 Wired Gateway
  6. ZBBOX1
    ZBBOX1 MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 Gateway
  7. WLBOX1
    WLBOX1 MiBoxer 2.4GHz WiFi Gateway
  8. WL433
    WL433 MiBoxer 433MHz WiFi Gateway
  9. FUT086
    FUT086 MiBoxer 8-Zone 433MHz Remote Controller
  10. K1
    K1 MiBoxer Rotating Switch Wall Panel Remote
  11. DP3S
    DP3S MiBoxer 3-in-1 DALI DT8 Touch Wall Panel
  12. DP3
    DP3 MiBoxer DALI RGB+CCT Dimming Wall Panel
  13. DP2S
    DP2S MiBoxer DALI DT8 Colour Temperature Touch Wall Panel
  14. DP1S
    DP1S MiBoxer DALI Dimming Touch Wall Panel DT6
  15. DP1
    DP1 MiBoxer DALI Brightness Dimming Wall Panel
  16. DLPOW1
    DLPOW1 MiBoxer DALI Bus Power Supply DIN Rail
  17. WL5
    WL5 MiBoxer WiFi 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller
  18. TRIC1
    TRIC1 MiBoxer AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer
  19. SYST1
    SYST1 MiBoxer 1-Channel Host Controller
  20. FUT039Z
    FUT039Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 RGB+CCT LED Controller
  21. FUT038Z
    FUT038Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 RGBW LED Controller
  22. FUT037Z
    FUT037Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 RGB LED Controller
  23. FUT036Z
    FUT036Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 Single Colour LED Controller
  24. FUT035Z
    FUT035Z MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 Dual White LED Controller
  25. DLX
    DLX MiBoxer DALI DT8 5 in 1 LED Controller
  26. DL5
    DL5 MiBoxer DALI 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller
  27. FUT045
    FUT045 MiBoxer Five Channel (RGB+CCT) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  28. FUT044
    FUT044 MiBoxer Four Channel (RGBW) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  29. FUT043
    FUT043 MiBoxer 2.4GHz Three Channel (RGB) RF Receiver
  30. FUT039
    FUT039 MiBoxer Five Channel (RGB+CCT) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  31. FUT038
    FUT038 MiBoxer Four Channel (RGBW) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  32. FUT037
    FUT037 MiBoxer Three Channel (RGB) 2.4GHz RF Receiver
  33. FUT036
    FUT036 MiBoxer Single Channel 2.4GHz RF Receiver
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