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NEOLINEAR™ is a durable high specification Neon LED strip light product. The number one choice for external & internal Linear lighting. Our product range of LED Neon features a wide range of colours & styles and really is LED that looks like Neon.

Our NEOLINEAR™ range of LED Lighting is a high-end solution to create eye-catching lighting.

Position the "Neon like" LED strip so the light shines from the top, the side view option bends left and right and the top view option bends up and down...

Within the lighting industry, Neon lighting is used to create a vibrant aesthetic to create strong branding and attract customers. Compared to the halogen alternative, Neon Flex is more efficient and easier to install. Being an LED Neon, the LED Neon Flex Tube has a lower running cost and can be easily moulded to shape.

Neon Flex Product Styles

A stunning alternative to LED Strip Lights. Our NEOLINEAR™ brand of LED neon lights includes two design types: side view and top view. Each 5-metre length of Neon Flex has 1-metre wire tails from the underside of both ends.

As a company, we keep stock of both “Top View'' and “Side View” Neon flex to suit different types of installations.

LED Neon is available in different colours including:

  • Cool White LED Neon Flex
  • Warm White LED Neon Flex
  • RGB Neon Flex
  • RGBW Colour changing with white

LED Neon can also be used to make LED Neon Signs. A colour changing RGB Neon LED Strip makes an eye-catching sign for your business.

As well as the top view and side view variations, there are two separate sizes of the Neon Flex:

  • NEOLINEAR Mini - For smaller installations, often used in feature lighting & high brightness accent lighting.
  • NEOLINEAR - Neon flex for projects requiring high quality, bright light sources.

Custom Neon LED

The advantage of bespoke products is that you can specify exactly what you need. We can have custom lengths of LED Neon made by the factory if required.

When you have the Neon custom made, there is more choice of single lengths (up to 10m long).

You can also specify the length of the connecting cables and where they are connected, back, side or end and also at one end or both ends of the strip.

Weatherproof LED Neon

With a robust IP67 waterproof coating, NEOLINEAR™ can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The IP67 rated silicone coating protects against saltwater, UV Radiation, and solvents ideal for harsher outdoor environments.

NEOLINEAR™ is available in a variety of bright single colours. We also supply a range of LED Neon Flex Warm White & Cool White LED options. Further to this we also keep stock of Neon Flex RGB and RGBNW Sideview flexes for colour changing projects.

LED Technologies supply a range of single colour, colour temperature and RGB controllers, giving full control over your LED Neon.

Our Neon products are fully dimmable and compatible with our professional controllers available from our range of Sunricher control equipment.

When you buy Neon Flex from LED Technologies, you will receive free professional assistance if it is required. Shop our selection of professional LED lighting and find the right solution for your LED lighting project.

All our NEOLINEAR™ LED lighting products are shipped directly from our UK based warehouse in Cheshire, with next day delivery.

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  1. 100.865
    Neon Flex Topview 5300-6000K 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  2. 100.864
    Neon Flex Topview 3700-4200K 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  3. 100.907
    Neon Flex Topview 2900-3200K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  4. 100.906
    Neon Flex Topview 2600-2900K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  5. 100.866
    Neon Flex Topview Red (620-625nm) 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  6. 100.867
    Neon Flex Topview Green (520-525nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  7. 100.868
    Neon Flex Topview Blue (465-470nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  8. 100.869
    Neon Flex Topview Orange (600-610nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  9. 100.904
    Neon Flex Topview Pink 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  10. 100.872
    Neon Flex Sideview 5300-6000k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  11. 100.871
    Neon Flex Sideview 3700-4200k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  12. 100.908
    Neon Flex Sideview 2900-3200k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  13. 100.905
    Neon Flex Sideview 2600-2900K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  14. 100.873
    Neon Flex Sideview Red (620-625nm) 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  15. 100.874
    Neon Flex Sideview Green (520-525nm) 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  16. 100.875
    Neon Flex Sideview Blue (465-470nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  17. 100.876
    Neon Flex Sideview Orange (600-610nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  18. 100.881
    Neon Flex Sideview Lemon Yellow (570-575nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  19. 100.903
    Neon Flex Sideview Pink 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  20. 100.870
    Neon Flex Sideview RGB Colour changing 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  21. 100.902
    Neon Flex Sideview RGBW 4000K Colour changing 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  22. 101.153
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview Clip pack x5 | NEOLINEAR
  23. 100.969
    Neon Flex Mini Topview Clip pack x5 | NEOLINEAR
  24. 100.879
    Neon Flex Topview Clip pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  25. 100.883
    Neon Flex Topview end cap pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  26. 100.880
    Neon Flex Sideview Clip pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  27. 101.154
    Neon Flex Mini Side end cap pack x5 | NEOLINEAR
  28. 100.970
    Neon Flex Mini Topview end cap pack x5 | NEOLINEAR
  29. 100.882
    Neon Flex Sideview end cap pack x 10 | NEOLINEAR
  30. 101.152
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview Extrusion 1MTR | NEOLINEAR
  31. 100.968
    Neon Flex Mini Topview Extrusion 1MTR| NEOLINEAR
  32. 100.877
    Neon Flex Topview Extrusion | NEOLINEAR
  33. 100.878
    Neon Flex Sideview Extrusion | NEOLINEAR
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Cutting LED Neon To Length

Similar to strip lighting LED Neon can be cut at the increments displayed along the flex. This allows signage manufacturers and interior designers to easily create bespoke signage and lighting designs. Between models cut increments vary from 25mm to 170mm depending on the model and type of flex.

If NeoLinear™ is cut and intended for outdoor use it must be fitted with end caps to prevent water ingress. This is because once cut the circuit board is exposed to the elements compromising the IP rating of the Flex. Once cut NeoLinear is Not designed to be resoldered and should be terminated with a compatible end cap.

As a company we keep stock of end caps, fixing clips and extrusions for all our LED neon products.