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MIBOXER MI-LIGHT Remote Control Handsets

MIBOXER MI-LIGHT Remote Control Handsets

LED Technologies stocks a range of Mi-Light RGB remote handsets that makes controlling your MiLight LED lighting effortless. With a range of options available, you will be able to find the perfect remote handset for your installation.

Our range of Mi-Light MiBoxer LED controllers can be wall mounted with the handset holder. Some of the Mi-Light handsets in our range of products are supplied with their own holder.

Our Milight remote control handsets have a control distance of 30m, with multiple lighting fixtures being able to be controlled simultaneously, provided they are within 30m of each other.

Mi-Light also manufactures LED light controllers that will control third-party 12V or 24V products including flexible LED Strip Lights.

These handsets are available for single colour, adjustable colour temperature, RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT products. Many share the same features but need to be paired to a compatible Mi-Light receiver. Please check the Mi-Light handset datasheets for compatible receivers. For convenience, we also have pre-paired LED control kits.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

Mi-Light remote controls

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  1. FUT088
    FUT088 MiBoxer RGB+CCT Full Touch Remote
  2. FUT089S
    FUT089S Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (6 Zone)
  3. FUT089
    FUT089 Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (8 Zone)
  4. FUT100
    FUT100 Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (100 Zone)
  5. FUT006
    FUT006 Mi-Light Colour Temperature Remote Control (Rotating Wheel)
  6. FUT007
    FUT007 Mi-Light Colour Temperature Remote Control (Full Button)
  7. FUT089Z
    FUT089Z MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 RGB+CCT Remote
  8. FUT086
    FUT086 MiBoxer 8-Zone 433MHz Remote Controller
  9. FUT096
    FUT096 Mi-Light RGBW Remote (Full Touch)
  10. FUT095
    FUT095 Mi-Light RGBW Remote (Button)
  11. FUT092
    FUT092 Mi-Light RGB & CCT Remote (4 Zone)
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