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LED Modules For Signs

LED Modules For Signs

Our LED sign-lighting modules are professional LED lighting modules ideal for backlighting signage, particularly channel letters. The wire between each module enables them to be placed to match the shape of the signage. This is perfect for complicated shapes such as letters or logos.

Our LED light modules for signs feature a strong light output with a wide beam angle. They offer a wonderful energy-efficient solution for beautiful backlighting. Our LED sign modules are also IP67 rated, which means they can be utilised for outdoor lighting as well as indoor. Read more about IP ratings through our "LED Product Filters Explained" case study.

Our range of sign LED modules is available in many different styles and colours. We provide single and double modules in single colours, including colour temperatures that provide bright warm or cool white light. Also in our range are RGB LED modules that are capable of producing over 16 million colours.

Please speak to our technical sales team for more installation tips and advice. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. 100.837
    LED Module 0.96W 12V RGBW (6500K) Pack of 20
  2. 100.847
    LED Module 3W 24V Dynamic (2700K-6500K) Pack of 20
  3. 100.632
    Cool White (5500-6500K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  4. 100.863
    Daylight White (4000-4500K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  5. 100.618
    Warm White (2700-3300K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  6. 100.631
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 1.08W Pack of 20
  7. 100.630
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  8. 100.629
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 0.36W Pack of 50
  9. 100.715
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 1.4W 12 x 56deg Pack of 20
  10. 100.716
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 2.8W 20pcs
  11. 100.736
    Red LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  12. 100.737
    Green LED Module 1.44w Pack of 20
  13. 100.738
    Blue LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  14. 100.739
    Orange LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  15. 100.656
    LED RGB LED Module 1.44W 12V Pack of 20
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What is an LED module?

Signage modules are a flexible string of LEDs used frequently when illuminating signs. Modules are low voltage products that require an LED driver to step down mains voltage to the required output.

Our range of IP67 can be used both indoors and outdoors for lightboxes, menu boards and 3D lettering. By fixing the modules evenly behind a diffuser an even hue of light can be created with ease.

How do LED Modules work?

Unlike LED Strip, where chips are situated along one long PCB tape, LED Modules are single units attached by a wire to each module. Most of our modules, for example, our RGB modules, have 20 modules on the wire string. Each type & design of our LED Modules have varying distances between the modules and vary in size. The modules also have a waterproof silicone coating, enabling them to be used in potentially damp outdoor environments, for example, backlighting a sign on the front of a building.

The LED modules are powered by a suitable 12V LED driver, which can be found in our extensive range of LED products. As the modules are supplied on a pre-connected chain, this removes the need to link single module units together.

The LED modules supplied by LED Technologies are a highly flexible lighting solution. As the modules are supplied on a string, they are able to be bent in numerous ways to follow complex 3D shapes and signs. Providing that the space is large enough for each module to be placed behind, they can also be a perfect lighting solution for backlighting channel letters.

These Modules are also ideal for double sided lightboxes and panels used for advertisement purposes. By fixing the modules evenly behind a diffuser an even hue of light can be created with ease.

Important note: Although the modules are IP67 rated and can withstand splashes of water, any connections to the modules to provide power will need their own protection from water ingress and will need to be installed correctly to prevent any failure with the lighting installation.

The professional LED modules are supplied with peelable adhesive backing. The modules are then placed behind the diffuser of a sign or panel.

With RGB colour changing and single colours available, our IP67 modules are a reliable choice for any project both indoors and outdoors. Next day delivery is available on our entire range of LED modules when ordered before our 2pm cut-off point.