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LED Control Modules for Modular Drivers

LED Control Modules for Modular Drivers

Sunricher Modular LED Drivers are unique, they have a slot for a control module that turns your driver into a controller. Each module has its own protocol such as DMX, DALI or RF that turns your driver into the associated controller. This means that you only have one unit rather than a driver and a separate controller or decoder...

Our energy-efficient Constant Voltage LED drivers are available in:

Ensure you are using the correct voltage when choosing your constant current LED driver to power your LED lighting. 12v LED drivers are used to power 12v DC products, and 24v LED drivers are used to power 24v DC products. LED Drivers or power supplies change the voltage from 240v AC to an output voltage of 12v or 24v DC.

Our control modules are available in 2 Channel and 4 Channel options for each protocol. The 4 Channel modules will control your RGBW LED lights. The 2 Channel modules will control your dual colour & adjustable colour temperature lights, allowing you to also dim LEDs.

Our LED Control Modules can be used with both 12V and 24V drivers. The drivers work on the protocol that is on the inserted control module. This provides you with full lighting control through different types of LED Strips lights and other LED lights by simply switching out the control module in your driver.

When using a modular driver just as a driver with no control options you must use the blanking module in order for it to work correctly. Should you at some point decide to use the driver for controlling your LED product using RF, DMX, DALI, ZIGBEE, Z-Wave or 0-10v, simply insert the appropriate control module. This enables the modular driver to be completely flexible to your individual requirements.

Our RDM enabled DMX512 control module for the Sunricher range of modular drivers is compatible with all DMX512 control products. The addition of the RDM function enables you to set:

  • The DMX address
  • Channel quantity
  • PWM output resolution (8 bit or 16 bit)
  • PWM output frequency (up to 30KHz)
  • GAMMA ray dimming curve value
  • DMX decoding mode

Our 4 channel DMX modules will control your Quad Colour (RGBW) LED products when fitted into the appropriate Sunricher modular driver.

For more information on how LED Technologies can help you with your LED products please call our technical sales team, email or contact us via live chat.
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    Sunricher Modular 4 Channel Blank Control Module
    Sunricher Modular 2 Channel Blank Control Module
  3. SRPD1009MDT
    Sunricher Modular RF 2 Channel Control Module
  4. SRPD1009MDF
    Sunricher Modular RF 4 Channel Control Module
  5. SRPD2108MDT
    Sunricher Modular DMX512 / RDM Enabled 2 Channel Control Module
  6. SRPD2108MDF
    Sunricher Modular DMX512 / RDM Enabled 4 Channel Control Module
  7. SRPD2305MDT
    Sunricher Modular DALI DT6 2 Channel Control Module
  8. SRPD2309MDT
    Sunricher Modular DALI DT8 2 Channel Control Module
  9. SRPD2305MDF
    Sunricher Modular DALI DT6 4 Channel Control Module
  10. SRPD2309MDF
    Sunricher Modular DALI DT8 4 Channel Control Module
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