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LED Control Modulars

LED Control Modulars

Sunricher LED module drivers are unique LED drivers that have a slot for a control module. This turns your modular driver into a light controller.

Each LED driver module has its own control protocol such as DMX, DALI or RF that turns your driver into the associated controller. This means that you only have one unit rather than a driver and a separate controller or decoder. If you require a standard constant voltage driver, there is also the option to insert a blank module.

Modular control drivers are the perfect solution for powering and controlling your LED products. They save a significant amount of time and reduce the amount of space required for your installation. They are available in two or four-channel options in a range of power outputs.

It is vital that you select a LED driver that is suitable for your LED lighting product. All of our products are constant voltage including our LED control modulars, however, ensure you select the right voltage and wattage. For help in choosing a LED driver, read the helpful blog " How do I know which LED driver I need".

All you have to do then is select a 2-channel or 4-channel control module and insert it into the LED driver. This will turn your driver into a receiver for the protocol you have selected.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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    Sunricher Modular 4 Channel Blank Control Module
    Sunricher Modular 2 Channel Blank Control Module
  3. SRPD1009MDT
    Sunricher Modular RF 2 Channel Control Module
  4. SRPD1009MDF
    Sunricher Modular RF 4 Channel Control Module
  5. SRPD2108MDT
    Sunricher Modular DMX512 / RDM Enabled 2 Channel Control Module
  6. SRPD2108MDF
    Sunricher Modular DMX512 / RDM Enabled 4 Channel Control Module
  7. SRPD2305MDT
    Sunricher Modular DALI DT6 2 Channel Control Module
  8. SRPD2309MDT
    Sunricher Modular DALI DT8 2 Channel Control Module
  9. SRPD2305MDF
    Sunricher Modular DALI DT6 4 Channel Control Module
  10. SRPD2309MDF
    Sunricher Modular DALI DT8 4 Channel Control Module
  11. SRPD2440CVT
    Sunricher Modular 24v 40W Two Channel Driver
  12. SRPD1240CVT
    Sunricher Modular 12v 40w Two Channel Driver
  13. SRPD1250CVT
    Sunricher Modular 12v 50w Two Channel Driver
  14. SRPD2460CVT
    Sunricher Modular 24v 60w Two Channel Driver
  15. SRPD1260CVT
    Sunricher Modular 12v 60w Two Channel Driver
  16. SRPD1275CVT
    Sunricher Modular 12v 75w Two Channel Driver
  17. SRPD2475CVF
    Sunricher Modular 24v 75w Four Channel Driver
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