LED Drivers

To chose the correct driver, ensure that it matches the voltage of your LED tape (usually 12v or 24v) and that the wattage of the strip is 75% of the driver wattage. For example, if the driver wattage is 100w, then the LED strip would have to be lower than 75w. Also ensure that the IP rating matches the areas you are installing your LED lighting.

Constant voltage LED drivers regulate the power supplied to the strips. It converts 240V mains power into a suitable voltage. It regulates power and maintains a constant output despite power surges that are common from mains power.

When there is such a huge selection of LED strip light drivers, it is hard to determine the appropriate driver for your flexible LED strip lights.

The first factor to consider is the voltage of the strip. Our strip lights come in 12v and 24v variations and a long length 36V variation. Ensure that the driver you have chosen matches the voltage of the strip light.

Once you know the voltage, you need to consider the wattage of the strip light.

To calculate the total power consumption of your LED tape lights, multiply the Wattage per metre by the total length of the LED strip.

For example, if a strip has a wattage of 14.4 WPM and is 5m long, it would have a total power consumption of 72W.

To prevent over heating and failure of the LED strip lights, it's important to chose a driver that has a higher wattage than the strip. It is recommended to run LED light drivers at 75%. For a strip light with 72W of power, a 100W driver would be required.

Another factor to consider is the IP rating. Depending on where you are installing your LED strips lights, you will need to ensure it matches the IP rating of the strip.

If you are installing your LED lights in a dry indoor space, the IP rating can be IP20. This means that they are not waterproof.

If you are installing your LED lights in wet and damp environments such as outdoors or in bathrooms and kitchens, it is recommended to use our IP67 rated drivers. This means that they are splashproof. To maintain the IP rating, ensure you use our Raytech Gel connectors when wiring. This will avoid water travelling down the cable and into the electric.

LED Drivers

For example, this Green Proflex LED strip is 5m, 12v, 4.8 WPM and is IP67.

LED Drivers

From this information we know that we need a 12v driver that is splashproof.

We can then multiply 5 by 4.8 which equals 24. Therefore we need a driver that is at least 32W.

For this strip light we need to select the 60W 12V IP67 LED driver.

LED Drivers

You can only connect LED strip lights together in a series up to 5m in length. If you need longer lengths, you will need to connect them in parallel and not in a series.

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