LED Drivers

One necessity when installing low voltage LED strip lighting is finding a suitable LED driver to power it.

To find the correct driver for both the length and wattage of the LED strip you are installing you will first need to know the voltage of the LED strip light. This will typically be 12/24V.

Once you know the voltage you can determine the size of the LED driver you will need.

To find out the total power an LED driver will need to power an LED strip light you will need to know the wattage of the LED strip per meter.

For example, our Proflex 24V LED strip is 14.4 watts per metre.

Proflex 24V

You will then need to Multiply the total Length of LED strip lighting by the Wattage per Metre to find the total power consumption of the LED strip light you are using i.e, 10 metre of 14.4 WPM proflex LED strip would total 144 watts.

All our LED drivers are designed to be run at a 75% to prevent overdriving the power supply which can lead to overheating and premature failure. With this in mind powering 10 metres of 14.4 wpm 24V LED strip would need a 200W 24V power supply.

LedTech LED Driver

Remember you cannot daisy chain more than 5 metres of LED Strip so any runs exceeding 5 metres will need to be run in parallel and not in series.

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