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  1. IP68 LED Lighting - Spanish Holiday Resort

    Used on this fantastic holiday resort in Spain was our IP68 rated ProFlex Warm White Marine LED Strip Light and RGB+CCT LED Pool Lights from Mi-Light MiBoxer.
  2. ProFlex 36V - Kildare Village Lighting

    Over 500m of LED Strip was used for this installation which created an inviting glow throughout the length of the walkway in Kildare Village.
  3. ProFlex RGBWW Water Feature

    Used on this pool house and water feature was our 24v IP67 RGBWW LED Strip. The pool house and water feature were set up as separate zones using our Sunricher 4 zone RGBW Handset.
  4. Neon Flex RGBW - Revo Kitchen

    Recently installed in this beach restaurant, over 150m of our Sideview RGBW Colour changing Neon Flex was installed along the rim of the roof, housed in our stylish Neon Flex Sideview Extrusion to create a fantastic colour-changing effect.
  5. Outdoor Pub Lights - LED Profiles

    Recently installed outside this pub was our Milky White LED Strip (Warm White) which was housed in our stylish Wide Crown LED Extrusion.
  6. Waterproof Low voltage LED lighting installations

    When installing waterproof LED Strip Lights, the entire electrical installation needs to be sealed and protected from water ingress.

  7. Waterproof LED Strip Lights and Connectors

    IP67 & IP68 Waterproof Strips and Connectors

  8. Outdoor Strip Lighting with minimal spotting

    Reducing the spotting effect from an LED strip to create a completely consistent hue of Light is an effect most designers will be looking to achieve when working with LED strip lighting

  9. What Green LED strip should I use outdoors?

    Shop LED Technologies for Green IP67 LED Strip lights. Find the best products for the perfect outdoor installation.

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