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NeoLED is revolutionising LED Strip light production. Utilising the latest LED printing technology high-density chips are then formed, creating a precise and even distributed uniform line of light.

Linear Light

With high LEDs p/mtr, NeoLED emits a constant line of light.

Whites / Colours

NeoLED is available in a range of whites & RGB colour changing.

Commercial Grade

Rich in colour and high CRI ratings as standard.

5 Year Warranty

We confidently offer a full 5 year warranty on our NeoLED range.

The ultimate range of colours.
Featuring a wide range of colours, our dynamic NeoLED is suitable for almost any application where a bright output is needed. Available in Colour temperature adjustable whites, RGB colour changing & Single colours.

Single COB Excellence

Unlike generic LED Strip Lights our NeoLED strip features a single COB with up to 640 Chips per metre producing a completely continual line of light.

This makes it perfect for installing into diffused extrusions or plinths where a uniform line of light is needed.

Highly Flexible

The LED diodes within the NeoLED strips are bonded directly to the circuit board itself which results in even greater flexibility and efficiency over standard LED strips and reduces the chances of failure..

What are COB Strip Lights?

COB is the abbreviation for Chip-on-Board, a production process where the LED chip is mounted directly to a substrate (like silicon or carbide) to produce the LED array. This means LED strip lights can be produced with a smaller gap between the LED Chips resulting in a higher number of LED’s per meter, creating a constant line of light.

What is the difference between SMD and COB LED?

The main difference between SMD and COB Strip Lights is that the bulkier SMD chips are spaced out on a printed circuit board to form the LED Strip. Whereas the COB technology turns the entire length of Strip into one continuous LED. This allows the density of chips to be much greater creating uniform line of light.

In the example above you can see a cut section of standard LED strip light compared to a cut section of COB LED strip light. There are just 3 chips over a 50mm length compared to 24 COB chips. This shows how much the pixilation will reduce when using COB Strips compared to SMD.


What are the main advantages of COB LED Strip Lights?

  • No hot spots - The appearance of spots of light projected from the chips.

  • Brightness - The increased chip density results in a greater light output

  • Efficiency - Reduced thermal resistance results in less heat and more light.

  • Flexibility - Evenly distributed small diodes results in a greater flexibility.

  • Range - available in a selection of whites, colour temperature adjustable and colours


  1. 101.996
    NeoLED Warm to Dim 1800-3000K 24V CRI90 Single COB LED Strip Light
  2. 101.208
    NeoLED RGBW (4000K) 24V 12mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  3. 101.207
    NeoLED Dynamic 2700k-6500k 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  4. 101.206
    NeoLED RGB 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light

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