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NeoLED Strip lighting is a new innovative product launched in 2019 featuring a high-density distribution of chips producing a completely uniform line of light without any dark spots.

For projects requiring a completely pixel free uniform line of light with zero spotting.

NeoLED is manufactured using high grade 2oz flexible circuit board material which ensures a high power factor and added durability. Featuring a CRI rating of greater than 90 and 528 high density LED’s per metre, which are evenly spaced for a consistent line of light.

This unique LED Strip Light has cutting points situated every 45.5mm and is fitted with 50cm wire tails at both ends. NeoLED is IP20 rated for indoor use only and due to it’s soft pixel free light there is no need for a diffuser, however, it is suitable for use with all of our aluminium extrusions.

NeoLED Products

  1. 101.148
    NeoLED Cool White (5700-6300K) High Density LED Strip - CRI >90 24V IP20
  2. 101.147
    NeoLED Cool White (4800-5200K) High Density LED Strip - CRI >90 24V IP20
  3. 101.146
    NeoLED Natural White (3900-4100K) High Density LED Strip - CRI >90 24V IP20
  4. 101.145
    NeoLED Warm White (2900-3100K) High Density LED Strip - CRI >90 24V IP20
  5. 101.144
    NeoLED Warm White (2600-2800K) High Density LED Strip - CRI >90 24V IP20
  6. 101.143
    NeoLED Warm White (2200-2400K) High Density LED Strip - CRI >90 24V IP20

NeoLED Features

Pixel Free / No Spotting

With 528 Chips per metre, NEOLED emits a constant line of light.

Cool / Warm White

NeoLED is available in a range of white colour temperatures.

Tesa Adhesive

Double-sided tape with high shear and temperature resistance.

5 Year Warranty

We confidently offer a full five year warranty on our whole NeoLED range.

High CRI light output

Our NeoLED Strip Lights emit a bright, clean CRI 90 light.Which makes it appropriate to be used within areas where maintaining colour is important. Available in cool Whites (4800 - 6300K), Natural White (3900 - 4100K) and warm whites (2200 - 3100).

Highly Flexible

The LED diodes within the NeoLED strips are bonded directly to the circuit board itself which results in even greater flexibility and efficiency over standard LED strips and reduces the chances of failure..

45.5mm Cut Intervals

5 Year Warranty

Uniform line of light

NeoLED features 528 chips per meter creating a solid line of unbroken light along the whole 5 meter length of Strip. With 45.5mm cutting points evenly spaced between the diodes, the line of light will remain consistent even when joined to another length of NeoLED.

Superior Tesa 3M sticky back

Our NeoLED range features a higher grade 3m adhesive (Tesa® 4965). Giving it reliable bonding, applicable for the most demanding applications. This product is comprised of a polyester backing coated with a transparent modified acrylic adhesive.

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