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Introducing NEOLINEAR™ Express, a range of high-quality LED Neon Effect products that offers exceptional pricing & versatility.

Choose between the flexible "Top View" variant, which allows for bending in an up and down direction, or the flexible "Side View" option, enabling side-to-side bending. Within the NeoLinear™ Express range, you'll find a variety of options to suit your specific needs. These include Colour Temperature Adjustable White, which provides a range of shades from 2200K to 6000K, Tricolour (RGB) offering over 16 million colour combinations, Quad Colour (RGBW) offering over 16 million colour combinations along with Daylight White, and Pixel Addressable Neon, which can be programmed by DMX to create mesmerising moving colour effects along the length of the NeoLinear™ Pixel Neon strip.

With our comprehensive range of Neon effect products, you have the freedom to select any colour that suits your project's requirements. Rest assured, all our products come with a confidence-boosting 3-year warranty.

NeoLinear™ Express sets itself apart from our standard NeoLinear™ range by offering even greater flexibility. With a bend radius of 200mm, it effortlessly moulds to your desired shape. This improved flexibility is made possible by the innovative hollow construction of the product, which not only enhances its manoeuvrability but also reduces its weight for easier handling.

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  1. 101.958
    Neon Flex Express Dynamic Topview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  2. 101.959
    Neon Flex Express Dynamic Sideview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  3. 101.954
    Neon Flex Express RGB Topview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  4. 101.955
    Neon Flex Express RGB Sideview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  5. 101.956
    Neon Flex Express RGBW (4000K) Topview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  6. 101.957
    Neon Flex Express RGBW (4000K) Sideview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  7. 101.962
    Neon Flex Express Pixel RGBW (4000K) Topview 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  8. 101.963
    Neon Flex Express Pixel RGBW (4000K) Sideview 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  9. 101.966
    Neon Flex Express Topview Clip Pack | NEOLINEAR
  10. 101.967
    Neon Flex Express Sideview Clip Pack | NEOLINEAR
  11. 101.960
    Neon Flex Express Topview Extrusion | NEOLINEAR
  12. 101.961
    Neon Flex Express Sideview Extrusion | NEOLINEAR
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