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LED Technologies stock a comprehensive range of products designed to make illuminated signs easier to manufacture. We supply the perfect solution for outdoor LED sign lights and LED display screens. These outdoor signage components are commonly used for retail outlets, restaurants, clubs and commercial premises. We have an LED product that will make outdoor sign production straightforward...

Our module lights provide flexibility and a wide beam angle. This makes our outdoor LED Modules an ideal product for creating a bright halo of light around raised letters, logos or shapes. Our LED Modules are IP67 rated, which means they are an ideal solution for your outdoor sign lights.

These waterproof LED light modules are used widely in outdoor signage for light boxes, shops and commercial premises. Available in a range of colours, our LED signage modules are a great solution to creating eye catching digital signage, boasting a high brightness. Light up your indoor and outdoor information displays and signs with a range of colour options.

Our range of LED display modules includes the following colour options:

Our wide range of outdoor signage components also includes a selection of flexible LED Strips. These IP67 rated Flexi LED strip lights are perfectly suited for outdoor LED displays due to their waterproof silicone coating. These unique characteristics enable it to create a halo effect around complex logos, shapes and lettering. Our range of Flexi LED strips is an ideal product for use in the signage industry.

Simply follow the letters and shapes with your string of LED modules or flexible LED strips and you can quickly make your letters stand out.

For more information on how LED Technologies can help with your signage requirements, call or email our technical sales team. You can also contact our specialists through live chat.

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  1. 100.629
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 0.36W Pack of 50
  2. 100.630
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  3. 100.631
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 1.08W Pack of 20
  4. 100.632
    Cool White(5500-6500K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  5. 100.863
    Daylight White (4000-4500K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  6. 100.618
    Warm White (2700-3300K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  7. 100.736
    Red LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  8. 100.737
    Green LED Module 1.44w Pack of 20
  9. 100.738
    Blue LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  10. 100.739
    Orange LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  11. 100.656
    LED RGB LED Module 1.44W 12V Pack of 20
  12. 100.715
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 1.4W 12 x 56deg Pack of 30
  13. 100.716
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 2.8W 20pcs
  14. 100.829
    Flexi LED Strip Warm White 3000-3500K IP67
  15. 100.833
    Flexi LED Strip Red IP67
  16. 100.831
    Flexi LED Strip Green IP67
  17. 100.830
    Flexi LED Strip Blue IP67
  18. 100.832
    Flexi LED Strip Orange IP67
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