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RGBNW LED Strip Lights

RGBNW LED Strip Lights

We stock a range of LED strip lights RGB with a neutral white dedicated channel. This features a beautiful colour temperature of 4000-4500k.

Natural white has a neutral appearance and is often used for interior design. This natural white RGB LED tape can create over 16 million colour blends, which is perfect for projects such as clubs or bars where a range of colours as well as a natural white is required.

Our range of RGB NW strips is made from high-quality components ensuring that they are durable and reliable. Available in a range of voltages, styles and IP ratings. Read about IP ratings and colour temperature using our "LED product filters explained" case study. Therefore, we are guaranteed to have the perfect RGB natural white LED strip light for your unique application.

All of our RGBNW are easy to install, read our case study "What do I need to install LED strip lights?" for a comprehensive guide on installation.

Please speak to our technical sales team for more installation tips and advice. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. 100.962
    ProFlex RGB Natural White (4000-4500K) LED Strip 24V 100W IP67
  2. 101.186
    StudioFlex 10mtr RGB Natural White LED Strip 24V 130W IP20
  3. 101.185
    ProFlex 10mtr RGB Natural White LED Strip 24V 172W IP20
  4. 100.918
    ProFlex RGB Natural White LED Strip 24V 100W IP20
  5. 100.919
    StudioFlex RGB Natural White LED Strip - 24V 150W IP20
  6. 101.149
    StudioFlex RGBNW LED Strip Light - 24V 150W IP67
  7. 101.212
    Octowash Flexible Wall Washer Strip RGBW (4000K) 5mtr 24V
  8. 101.115
    ProFlex SideWinder RGBW (4000-4500K) LED Strip 24V
  9. 101.208
    NeoLED RGBW (4000K) 24V 12mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  10. 101.183
    Lifestyle RGB Natural White LED Strip 4000-4500K 24V 80W IP63
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Colour changing LEDs work by mixing multiple colours together to produce a range of single colours. An RGB LED strip features a 3 in 1 chip with red, green and blue channels to access a full range of RGB Colours. 

Though RGB LED strips are able to produce a white the white produce often has a pink or blue hue. This is because RGB strips make white by mixing Red, green and blue together which can often lead to an impure white. 

RGBW LED strips like RGBNW feature a 4 in 1 LED chip with RGB colours and an additional white channel. This allows RGB Natural white LED strips to produce a pure white by simply powering the white channel. 4 in 1 LED strips are regularly used in production and interior design where a high quality white is required.