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RGBNW LED Strip | RGB Natural White

RGBNW LED Strip | RGB Natural White

LED Technologies stock a wide range of RGB colour changing LED strip lights ideal for many applications. These RGBW LED strip feature a dedicated white channel with a Natural White colour temperature ranging between 4000 - 4500k.

Natural White lighting is a wonderful middle ground between Cool White and Warm White. Sometimes, a vivid cool white is too bright and cause glare and Warm White can be too soft. Therefore, natural white is a perfect solution for a bright light with a warm under tone...

The dedicated white LED channel creates a beautiful pure white light. It is possible to achieve white light with just red, green and blue strips. However, it is difficult and can often have interference from one of the colours.

These RGB LED light strips produce a plethora of unique colours and mixes. The white channel allows custom colours, from bold vivid colours to pastel shades to be obtained. Create millions of colours so you can make the perfect mood and atmosphere that you require.

RGBW LED tape lighting is ideal for both commercial and domestic markets.

Natural White LED strip lights are particularly useful in establishments such as bars and clubs. The RGB LED strip allows you to create fun colour changing effects. The strips can be paired with a LED controller so that you can effortlessly achieve colour changing modes. The light emitted from these high quality strips ensure a brilliant lighting design.

The pure white ability of these RGBNW LED light strips is also helpful. When the club closes, it can be switched to white to carry out closing tasks such as cleaning.

There are IP20 non-waterproof, IP65 splashproof and IP67 waterproof LED strips lights Warm White available. This ensures that there is a suitable product for your installation.

IP20 LED strips are suitable for dry indoor applications. This includes home lighting in living rooms, bedrooms or hallways. They are also perfect for commercial lighting in offices, restaurants and hotels, providing it is a dry environment.

IP63 LED tape is protected from small splashes of water, ideal for applications where there may be steam. For example, in a kitchen there is a possibility that your strip is exposed to steam from a kettle or cooking. It is important to have a strip that is protected against that.

IP67 strip lights on the other hand is a waterproof solution that can be used in wet and damp environments. This includes outdoor lighting as it is protected against severe weather conditions.

However, it is not suitable to be immersed in water. If you require this, browse through our Marine selection. Saying this, IP67 is a durable strip light that will enable you to bring a contemporary lighting design to outdoor spaces.

Read more about IP ratings and colour temperatures using our case study.


Lifestyle is the most cost effective strip available, perfect for applications that do not require high specifications.

It is a IP63 rated strip meaning it is perfect for indoor applications, whether in bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms. They can be installed creatively, such as behind furniture, under cabinet lighting or shelf lighting. It will achieve an elegant glow of light for a professional lighting design.


The ProFlex range is a professional grade lighting solution. These provide a high quality LED lighting solution for your professional LED lighting installation. They offer a consistent and bright colour that will ensure that your space is beautifully lit up.

It features an IP20 rated strip perfect for reliable indoor lighting projects.


SideWinder are bendable LED strip lights that are perfect for backlighting complicated shapes or curves.

Flexible light strips can be adjusted up and down like standard LED strip lights as well as left and right. They can be bent at every LED to 90 degrees perfect for fitting into corners.

The flexibility of these strips make them extremally versatile for a many creative applications. They can beautifully bend around corners on walls, or objects such as screens or desks. This reduces the need of cutting and soldering strip lights to fit into corners or around obstructions such as pipes.


StudioFlex is a premium grade range that offers high spec products for high demanding installations. Our StudioFlex RGB strips offer a beautifully bright strip that will offer a reliable and consistent colour.

Effortlessly switch between a bright clear light to a warm relaxing light. These are often used in kitchen dining applications. The light can be adjusted for cooking and then changed for relaxing and eating.

StudioFlex is also available in IP20 and IP67 variations, ensuring there is an extremely high quality strip light for most applications.


NeoLED strip lights are an amazing way to achieve a professional lighting design that features a continuous line of light. High density chips are formed to create precise and evenly spread light along the LED tape.

The continuous LED light strip is created with a single chip on board (COB) with 640 chips per metre. The LED's are bonded directly to the circuit board. This results in flexibility and efficiency compared to standard LED strips while reducing the chance of failure.

As with all LED strips, custom length LED strips can be created by cutting on the marked cutting points.

NeoLED light strips have an IP20 rating, which makes them perfect for indoor applications in both domestic and commercial places. They provide a masterful lighting solution with reliable, high quality consistent lighting.


All of our LED flex strips are easy to install as they feature a high quality adhesive backing.

Choose the surface that you wish to mount your lights upon. Make certain that the surface is smooth and dust free. Peel back the protective paper and stick the strip on to the surface.

For a professional finish however, the LED tape lighting can be mounted in LED profiles. Profiles offer a wealth of benefits, including diffusing light and prolonging the life of your strips.

Read our helpful case study on why we advise using LED profiles.

Your strips then need an LED driver to provide a suitable power supply. We offer a huge range of drivers for every variation of strip lights. Therefore it is important to choose the most appropriate driver. Our useful blog can help you determine which driver you require.

LED Technologies also offer a huge range of control options such as RF, DMX, and Z-WAVE to name a few. These give you options to remotely control your lighting. This includes wall panels, dimmer switches, handsets or even through your smart home automation network. Browse through our Sunricher range to find the best LED control protocol for your installation.

Specialists in house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.
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    StudioFlex 10mtr RGB Natural White LED Strip 24V 130W IP20
  2. 101.185
    ProFlex 10mtr RGB Natural White LED Strip 24V 172W IP20
  3. 100.918
    ProFlex RGB Natural White LED Strip 24V 100W IP20
  4. 100.919
    StudioFlex RGB Natural White LED Strip - 24V 150W IP20
  5. 101.149
    StudioFlex RGBNW LED Strip Light - 24V 150W IP67
  6. 101.115
    ProFlex SideWinder RGBW (4000-4500K) LED Strip 24V
  7. 101.208
    NeoLED RGBW (4000K) 24V 12mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  8. 101.183
    Lifestyle RGB Natural White LED Strip 4000-4500K 24V 80W IP63
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Colour changing LEDs work by mixing multiple colours together to produce a range of single colours. An RGB LED strip features a 3 in 1 chip with red, green and blue channels to access a full range of RGB Colours. 

Though RGB LED strips are able to produce a white the white produce often has a pink or blue hue. This is because RGB strips make white by mixing Red, green and blue together which can often lead to an impure white. 

RGBW LED strips like RGBNW feature a 4 in 1 LED chip with RGB colours and an additional white channel. This allows RGB Natural white LED strips to produce a pure white by simply powering the white channel. 4 in 1 LED strips are regularly used in production and interior design where a high quality white is required.