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Mi-Light & MiBoxer DMX 4 Zone Smart Wall Panels

Mi-Light & MiBoxer DMX 4 Zone Smart Wall Panels

Our range of Mi-light and Miboxer LED wall control panels give you a huge range of options to control your LED lighting.

The wall mounted control panels are designed to give you effortless control over any lighting product. From Single colour LED strips to RGBW+CCT, there is a DMX wall panel that will allow you to adjust the settings of your lights easily...

You can adjust lighting effects throughout the day to enable you to match the atmosphere and mood of the space. For example, bright and clean lighting may be needed during the day or when working. Then you may want a more subtle and softer lighting effect for relaxing and unwinding. Our Wall panels allow you to quickly adjust the lighting to achieve the perfect lighting for your required needs.

All of our wall panels are perfect for professional lighting controls. They make controlling multiple lights effortless to create beautiful and unique lighting designs. They are perfect for a range of places including your home, offices, retail outlets or hotels. They are even suitable for event lighting such as Wedding LED lights, Exhibition lighting or Party lighting so that you can effortlessly adjust light levels.

These wall panels offer RF control systems and DMX control systems.

When using the RF system, an unlimited number of receivers/lights can be paired to each zone on the wall panel. It is possible to control multiple products in each of the four zones. Simply pair each product to your chosen zone.

To operate individually, switch on the zone with the appropriate button and select the required brightness level using the touch slider control. A master On/Off button will switch all the zones On/Off together.

When used as a DMX wall panel, simply connect a DMX cable from the wall panel to your DMX decoders or DMX compatible lighting product. This will send a DMX signal between the two, allowing you to control them using standard DMX512 protocols.

In addition to the DMX512 protocols and the RF transmitter built into the wall panel, it is also possible to pair a 2.4GHz handset or 2.4GHz wall panel alongisde the DMX wall panel to control your lighting remotely.
  • This effectively enables you to control your DMX lighting from the DMX wall panel or via a 2.4GHz handset paired to the wall panel
  • Please refer to the detailed instructions on the wall panel Datasheet for more information on how to use this multi-functional wall panel

We offer a wide range of Miboxer LED strip controls. This includes LED dimmer wall switches that enable you to switch your lighting on and off as well as control the brightness using touch sensitive sliders.

All our RGB and RGBW Radio Frequency wall panels allow instant colour selection, brightness control and switching. They also feature pre programmed colour changing modes such as fade and pulsing. The speed and intensity of the modes can be adjusted to give you freedom of control over lighting effects.

If your LED product features colour temperature control, there are multiple panels that allow you to smoothly adjust the temperature.

Our DMX panels are mains powered with a 100v - 240v input voltage.

These LED control units allow dimming control over lighting fixtures in up to 4 zones. Either control each zone simultaneously or individually by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control wall panel.

The panels work up to 30m away from the paired LED lights. A line of sight is not needed but obstructions may weaken the signal.

These LED dimmer switches and wall panels are suitable to control a range of LED products including:

For more information on how LED Technologies can help you with your LED products, please call our technical sales team, email or contact us via live chat.

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