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  • Mi-Light Mi-Boxer Brochure

    The Latest LED Technologies Brochure.

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    Mi-Light Mi-Boxer Brochure
  • “ProFlex

    24V Warm White LED Strip Lights

    (2000 - 2200K) & (2200 - 2400K) Temperatures

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    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip Lights
  • Kinetic Wall Panels

    Kinetic Wall Panels

    No Wires, No Batteries, No Limits.

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    Kinetic Wall Panels
  • Snapo-O-LED Linear Light Bar

    This unique slimline Linear light bar is a new product featuring an impressive technical specand a seamless click and connect joint system.

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Latest Products

    Mi-Light 5m DMX Starter Cable Male 3-Pin XLR to Female IP66
  2. LS2
    LS2 MiBoxer 5 in 1 Smart LED Controller
  3. AYMFL0001034
    AYMFL0001034 MiBoxer 4 Channel 3 Core Waterproof X Connector
  4. AYMFL0001033
    AYMFL0001033 MiBoxer 3 Channel 3 Core Waterproof T Connector
    SYSLINE MiBoxer 3 Channel Male and Female Long Cable
  6. ZBBOX2
    ZBBOX2 MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 Wired Gateway
  7. ZBBOX1
    ZBBOX1 MiBoxer ZIGBEE 3.0 Gateway
  8. WLBOX1
    WLBOX1 MiBoxer 2.4GHz Gateway
  9. WL433
    WL433 MiBoxer 433MHz Gateway
  10. SYSRC1
    SYSRC1 MiBoxer 9W RGB+CCT LED Garden Light
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