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  • Home Install

    Neon Flex Mini

    Widely used for commercial applications to create accent lighting for TV Studios, hotels, restaurants shopping centres & more.

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  • Home Install

    Home Installation?

    Here at LED Technologies our expert customer service is available no matter what installation type, if your working on a project at home feel free to call us for any help and advice.

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Latest Products

  1. 100.941
    NeoLinear Mini Sideview - Cool White 5900K - 6400K
  2. 100.940
    NeoLinear Mini Sideview - Daylight White 3800K - 4300K
  3. 100.939
    NeoLinear Mini Sideview - Warm White 2800K - 3300K
  4. 100.938
    NeoLinear Mini Sideview - Warm White 2000K - 2200K
  5. 100.937
    NeoLinear Mini Topview - Cool White 5900K - 6400K
  6. 100.936
    NeoLinear Mini Topview - Daylight White 3800K - 4000K
  7. 100.935
    NeoLinear Mini Topview - Warm White 2900K - 3100K
  8. 100.934
    NeoLinear Mini Topview - Warm White 2000K - 2200K
  9. 101.158
    ProFlex Natural White LED Strip 4900-5100K LED Strip 24V 38W IP20
  10. proset4
    Wardrobe Lighting Bundle
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