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LED Aluminium Profiles are a great way to give your LED Strip Lights a professional finish and provide protective housing. Our range of flat and bendable LED Strip profiles are perfect for routing and surface mounting LED strips.

Our aluminium LED profiles will provide improvements to the quality of your LED lighting strips. The profiles won't affect the light output of your LED Strip in a negative way.

Our Flat LED Profiles provide durable housing and also act as a heat sink. This helps to dissipate the heat from the LED Strips. Brighter LED Strips tend to emit more heat than lower powered strips. It is important that the more powerful LED strips are mounted into a profile for this reason...

Bendable Profiles are perfect for bespoke installations with curved surfaces and complex shapes. With a diffuser, mounting clips and end caps included, our LED Tape Profiles are ready to install out of the box. These LED profiles are designed to be surface and wall-mounted, providing the best protective solution for your lighting.

There is a wide range of aluminium profiles available in different shapes and designs. Our range of LED profiles include:

LED Technologies keep high stock levels of both 1 and 2-metre profiles, all available on next day delivery. Browse our selection of high quality LED profiles to give your lighting installation a professional finish.

Our 1 metre and 2 metres variants of LED profiles are on separate product pages. Ensure you are looking at the correct one for your project's requirements.

IMPORTANT: When installing LED strips into a profile, check that the back of the strip remains insulated from the profile. The profile is aluminium, meaning it will conduct the low voltage power going through the tape, causing it to stop working.

For assistance on installation, please speak to our technical sales team either by telephone, email or our website's live chat.

Flat Aluminium LED Profiles

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  1. 100.106
    Heat Sink LED Profile 1 MTR
  2. 100.666
    Mini Lip Raised LED Profile 1 MTR
  3. 100.668
    Mini Lip Raised LED Profile 2 MTR
  4. 101.164
    Wide Shallow LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  5. 101.163
    Wide Shallow LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
  6. 100.485
    Small Crown LED Profile 1 MTR
  7. 100.894
    Small Crown LED Profile 2 MTR
  8. 100.643
    Wide Crown LED Profile 1 MTR
  9. 100.895
    Wide Crown LED Profile 2 MTR
  10. 100.884
    Magnifying LED Profile 1 MTR
  11. 100.885
    Bendable LED Profile 1 MTR
  12. 100.519
    Bendable LED Profile 2 MTR
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Benefits of using Flat LED profile

Installing any strip within an LED extrusion has many benefits both visually and functionally. Flat LED profile acts as a diffuser by softening the spotting effect from each diode creating an even hue of light.

LED extrusion provides a protective housing that can be easily cleaned and provides protection from external damage. LED Profile also acts as a heat sink, preventing high output strips from overheating. 

With a range of extrusions in stock, we have a profile suited to each and every strip and install.