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LED Technologies are the official, exclusive UK and Ireland MiLight MiBoxer distributor.

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Introducing Mi-Light MiBoxer LED Lighting

As the only authorised distributor of Mi-Light & MiBoxer products in the UK and Ireland, we now stock a huge range of genuine Mi-Light products which will be available with a fast delivery service direct from our UK based warehouse. Mi-Light is an established company manufacturing high quality LED lights and control products.

We exclusively offer a full 5-year warranty on all the Mi-Light / MiBoxer range of products when purchased directly from ourselves...

LED Technologies are an established Cheshire based company specialising in the supply of LED lighting products. We have been supplying high quality LED products into the market since 2008 and our partnership with Mi-Light will enable us to expand our product range of LED Lights significantly.

This in turn will offer our customers a much wider range of LED Lighting products knowing that they will get the same backup, knowledge and expertise that they have come to expect from LED Technologies.

Our new wide range of Mi-Light MiBoxer products include an excellent range of controllers which include wireless 2.4G RF Handsets and Wall Panels and energy-saving RGB colour changing LED lighting for your indoor and outdoor spaces, such as:

Most Mi-Light MiBoxer products include RGB+CCT (colour changing & adjustable colour temperature) LED’s, offering millions of colour combinations but with the addition of being able to select between Warm White (2700K) and Cool White (6500K) giving the best of both worlds.

The Mi-Light controllers provide control over the colour, colour temperature and colour saturation. Additionally, they include a number of built-in programs such as colour fading, colour pulsing and pre-set colour options.

Mi-Light MiBoxer LED lights also feature Signal Transmitting and Mode synchronisation, which enables each lighting fixture to re-transmit the signal from the remote controller to other lighting fixtures in the group.

This effectively creates a MESH network that ensures that all the LED lights in the network will synchronise together wirelessly without any connecting control leads.

This feature will only work if the first fixture is within 30m of the controller and each subsequent lighting fixture is within 30m of the previous unit, the signal from the controller will jump from fixture to fixture indefinitely.

As many of these innovative LED products operate using 2.4GHz wireless transmitting technology, they can also be controlled from a smartphone app or your smart speaker (an additional 2.4GHz hub will be required for these features).

We have fully trained in house specialists to advise on these products and diagnose any technical issues so our customers can purchase from us with confidence, knowing that they will have first-class support for both pre and post-sales. In addition, we have direct access to the Mi-Light MiBoxer technical department for additional technical support and backup if necessary.

For more information on how LED Technologies and Milight Mi Boxer can enhance your project please contact our sales support staff on 01260 540014 or email during office hours.

  1. SYSRC2
    SYSRC2 Mi-Light 15W RGB+CCT 24V LED Garden Light
  2. X1
    X1 MiBoxer Single Colour LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  3. X4
    X4 MiBoxer RGBW DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  4. X3
    X3 MiBoxer RGB LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  5. X2
    X2 MiBoxer Colour Temperature DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  6. D5G100
    D5G100 MiBoxer 100W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Floodlight
  7. D5G50
    D5G50 MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Floodlight
  8. D4W72
    D4W72 MiBoxer 72W RGBW AC100-240V DMX LED Wall Washer

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