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Specialist Model Making LED Strip Lights

Specialist Model Making LED Strip Lights

Primarily designed for use in the model making industry where a standard 8mm, 10mm or 12mm wide LED strip tends to be too wide to fit into small models and displays. Our range of Model Flex 12V LED Strip Light products are ideal as they can be hidden away in the smallest of spaces. The cut intervals are just 25mm; this means they can be cut up into short lengths bringing models and displays to life.

In addition to model making, however, the model flex thin LED strip range is also great for those larger projects that require a bright consistent band of light. Our slimline LED Strip Lights would be best suited for these installations due to premium space constraints.

It is ideal for use for commercial or domestic projects where a high-grade IP20 rated LED tape is required. Measuring just 5mm wide and 2.2mm high and supplied on a 3m roll with pre-soldered tails to both ends, the Model Flex LED strip will fit into most profiles and can easily be fitted discretely into narrow areas.

It is an excellent solution for museums displays as it can be fitted into the smallest areas in cabinets and display shelves and as LED’s give off minimum UV radiation they can be used in galleries and other such displays that are UV sensitive.

As model flex is powered by an input voltage of 12v DC, the strips can also be used in vehicles with a 12v DC supply making the strip ideal for installation in narrow spaces, for example, kitchen and bedroom areas in camper vans or caravans.

Model Flex can also be easily hidden into vehicle footwells and centre consoles or doors in cars, vans and larger commercial vehicles and it makes an ideal product for installation inside the rear of commercial vehicles when fixed into profiles to protect it.

A single strip of model flex fitted to both sides of the inside of a van will produce enough light to illuminate the rear of the van evenly. As the model flex is supplied in a 3m roll rather than a 5m roll, there is a minimum amount of waste when it needs to be cut to size.

Each 3m roll has wire tails pre-soldered to both ends of the strip. For shorter lengths, rather than having to solder cables onto the cut sizes, you can cut what you need from both ends of the tape. This will leave minimum waste in the centre, taking advantage of the pre-soldered tails.

Note: You must connect each 3m length back to the power supply. It is not possible to link more than 3m of model flex in one line with a driver to one end. In other words, each 3m roll should be connected in parallel to the 12v power supply.

Also, if powering from a 12v constant voltage driver we recommend loading the driver no more than 75% of the value of the driver, so for example a 100w 12v driver should power approximately up to 75w of product. That would equate to just over 7.8m of Model Flex.

Available LED Strips

Model Flex plug and play LED Strip lighting is available in the following colour temperatures of white:

We also stock a full range of solid single colour options including:

For a more flexible option, we also have an RGB colour changing version of model flex which offers over 16 million colour combinations when connected to a suitable controller.

Note: All our Model Flex range of LED lights are dimmable. The best way of dimming LED Strips or changing the colour of the RGB version is to use a PWM controller which will give you smooth dimming from 100% down to 0% or smooth accurate colour selection from our RGB colour changing product.

  1. Simply connect your dimmable LED Strip Light to a suitable controller with a dimmer switch or wall dimmer
  2. Connect the controller to a constant voltage 12V LED driver (or constant voltage 12V power supply)
  3. You will now have full switching control and LED dimmer control and/or colour changing of your model flex strip lights.
Various control products are available such as:

The model Flex can also be controlled as part of your home automation system by connecting the strip to a ZIGBEE, Z-Wave or Bluetooth Receiver.

You can even control your LED strip from your smartphone or by voice control through your smart speaker but for these control options, you will require an additional hub or gateway and a free smartphone application.

The Model Flex LED strip is supplied in a 3m roll and it can be cut to size at any of the 25mm cutting points. Model Flex LED strip features 120 x 3528 LED’s /m with a wattage of 9.6w /m (28.8w output over the full 3m length).

This gives a bright consistent band of light (approximately 900Lm /m) and as the beam angle of the LED’s is 120 degrees the light output when the tape is reflected off a wall or used for under cupboard lighting or cabinet lighting, the light output is consistent with no dark spots.

Model Flex has a high CRI rating of >80 making it easier on the eye than many other tapes and it is supplied with a genuine 300LSE 3M sticky backing to fit it into place.

We confidently offer a three-year warranty on our Model Flex range, for more information on the Model Flex range of products and control options, please contact our sales team via phone, email or through our live chat on our website. Datasheets and technical information can also be downloaded in PDF Format from our website.
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    Ultra Thin Cool White LED Light Bar 1.5W 12V IP67
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