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Wires and LED Extension Cables

Wires and LED Extension Cables

We have a range of LED cables to create longer length LED strip light extension cables for your LED lighting installation. Our range of core cables is ideal for powering our LED flexible lighting products up to maximum power consumption of 3A and 10A options and are available in 50m rolls...

The six core LED tape cable can be used with LED strip lights that have an RGB LED cable with warm white and cool white. Four core for RGB LED strip, whereas the two core 10A cable can be used with a single colour LED.

They are available in a super soft black silicone sheath with flex that is colour coded red, green, blue, black and white for ease of connection.

We have a flat cable to extend your wire range. This LED light cable is easy to install as has no silicone sheath and can be easier to solder.

Our stock of splitter cables with our Single to Twin Splitter Cable enables you to run two LED light strips from one cable.

We also stock DMX cables and have an IP65 DMX cable for outdoor use for your LED display lights.

You can also extend the LED lighting products with our solderless connectors which can attach to the cutting points. This is a quick and easy solution and could be used when installing exhibition lighting displays for ambient lighting.

Mains Power Leads to connect to the power supply are also available and we supply cable ties.

For product assistance please contact us by telephone, email or via our online live chat.

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  1. 101.188
    Six Core 10A Cable 50m
  2. 100.979
    Five Core 10A Cable 50m
  3. 100.978
    Four Core 10A Cable 50m
  4. 100.977
    Two Core 10A Cable 50M
  5. 100.944
    Five strand 10A Flat Cable 50m
  6. 101.187
    Six strand 10A Flat Cable 50m
  7. 100.945
    Four strand 10A Flat Cable 50m
  8. 100.946
    Two strand 10A Flat Cable 50m
  9. 100.947
    Two strand 3A Flat Cable 50m
  10. 100.688
    Large Cable Ties 100pcs
  11. 100.687
    Small Cable ties 1000pcs
  12. 100.176
    LEDTech DMX Lead 6mtr Super Soft
  13. 100.140
    LEDTech DMX Lead 1.5mtr Super Soft
  14. 100.185 / 187 / 212
    LedTech Vr Data Extension Cables in Black Various Options
  15. 100.673
    Single to Twin Splitter Cables
  16. 100.484
    LEDTech Mains Lead (Min 1mtr) with UK Plug
  17. 100.672
    Single Male Jack Plug to 30cm Tail
  18. 100.663
    10mm Solderless double Connector
  19. 100.943
    Pixel HD RGB Starter Cable
  20. 100.682
    12mm Solderless Connector RGBW
  21. 100.681
    10mm Solderless Tri Connector RGB 15cm
  22. 100.679
    8mm Solderless Twin Connector
  23. 100.664
    10mm Solderless tri-Colour Double Connector
  24. 100.665
    12mm Solderless Quad Colour Double Connector
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