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8mm Solderless Twin Connector

Product Code: 100.679
  • 8mm Solderless Twin Connector
  • 150mm pre-tinned tails
  • Join your LED Strips together
  • Making your job easier
  • Specially for our IP20 Strips
  • Quick and easy to use
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Product Description

Our LEDTech range of solderless connectors is designed to make joining our uncoated LED tape products simple without the need to make soldered joints. This high-quality 8mm Solderless Twin connector for LED strip lights key feature is 150mm pre-tinned tails which are colour coded for ease of connection. There is also a simple clip fitting for an easy wire to wire connection on one end.

NOTE: Ensure that the LED tape is cut only at the clearly marked cutting points. Please also ensure that the copper or soldered tabs are showing before continuing with the wire joining.

Important: The copper tabs are protected with a layer of clear lacquer, before attaching the connector, carefully scrape away the lacquer to ensure a good connection.

Our range of strip to strip connectors have a compact design and are easy to implement into any indoor LED light installation. To use this solderless cable connector simply:

  1. Open the connector covers and insert the tapes to be joined into the slot on each side of the connector
  2. Ensure that the copper or soldered tabs are lined up with the tabs on the connector.
  3. Close the connector cover making sure that it is firmly clipped into place and the locking tab is latched

There are a couple of things to remember when using an LED strip light solderless connector. It is important that you do not daisy chain more than 5m lengths of LED flexible tape in one long line. Please ensure that you follow this rule when joining tape together otherwise the tape could overheat causing it to fail.

Our range of solderless tape connectors has a rating of IP20 so they are to be used in a dry environment when there is no exposure to moisture.

Our LED experts at LED Technologies can help you with your LED products and installations. For more information, please contact us by calling our technical sales team or sending an email or via live chat.

Quick Specs

What's in the box?

8mm Solderless Twin Connector
Product Code: 100.679
Product Packed Box
Manufacturer LED Technologies
Product Type Connectors
IP Rating IP20 Non-Waterproof
Size 150mm
Dimmable: No
Average LED life Hrs 30,000
Continuous Operation Not suitable for 24/7 continuous use

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