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Our highest specification LED Strips that will meet the most demanding of projects. Featuring a range of unique technical specifications the Studioflex series is the benchmark for LED Strip Lights.

Our range of StudioFlex LED tape strips offer a premium grade flexible lighting solution.

As our range of LED strip Lights grow we continually add new and innovative products to the range to meet our customers high expectations. In this section, we list some of our unique products such as Pixel tape, fully flexible - Flexi series and our theatrical Limelight range.

The StudioFlex range is a excellent high grade flexible lighting solution. It is widely popular due to the innovative products that meet our customers expectations...

We have an vast range of StudioFlex dimmable LED strip lights that will be perfect for your unique installation.


NeoLED strip lights are an amazing way to achieve a professional lighting design that features a continuous line of light. High density chips are formed to create precise and evenly spread light along the LED tape.

The constant line is created with a single chip on board (COB) with 640 chips per metre. The LED's are bonded directly to the circuit board. This results in flexibility and efficiency compared to standard LED strips while reducing the chance of failure.

As with all LED strips, custom length LED strips can be created by cutting on the marked cutting points.

NeoLED dimmable strip lights are available in many varieties including CCT adjustable, Single colour, RGB and RGBW LED strips. This enables you to find the perfect high quality lighting solution for your application.

NeoLED light strips have an IP20 rating, which makes them perfect for indoor applications in both domestic and commercial places. They provide a masterful lighting solution with reliable, high quality consistent lighting.

Read about IP ratings using our case study.


The Optima series offers high quality white lighting in varying colour temperatures. It features top of the range components including 300 Epistar LEDs per metre. The closely packed LEDs produce a beautiful continual line of light that is perfect for high end installations.

Colour temperatures range between 2300- 5500K. This enables you to achieve the perfect ambience and atmosphere for the area.

A cool white is ideal for task lighting where a bright clean light is required. This is perfect for offices or retail outlets where clear lighting is needed. A Warm White on the other hand is amazing for comforting and inviting lighting. This is more suited for domestic lighting, or hotel and restaurant lighting.

Optima also has an IP rating of IP20, therefore they are suitable for high end installations in dry environments. This includes sophisticated Hotels, restaurants, lobbies and retail outlets. The bright lighting with a CRI greater than 95 makes this the perfect choice for LED white lighting.

Read about CRI ratings using our case study.


Duo LED light strips feature a double row of LEDs that makes sure that the light output is bright and powerful. This is perfect for a main light source. These are the brightest strips that LED Technologies offer with an impressive 3000 lumens per metre.

Duo flexible LED strips also come in a variety of colour temperatures from 2600-6500k. You can find the perfect lighting to achieve the mood and aura that you require.

Duo strip lights must be placed in aluminium LED channels to avoid overheating of the strip. Overheating can cause your strips to be damaged and may fail to work. Not only will profiles act as heat sinks, they also achieve a sleek and professional finish to your installation. They achieve an extra barrier too that will protect your strips, perfect for hotels where they may get knocked.

Milky White

The StudioFlex milky white series is an inventive solution for diffused lighting in outdoor applications.

Reducing the effect of spotting for outdoor lighting is much more difficult compared to indoor applications. Increasing the amount of LEDs with a high IP rated silicone would cause the strip to overheat. Therefore, StudioFlex offers Milky White LED strips.

The frosted coating ensures that the strips are protected from harsh weather conditions such as rain. They are perfect for outdoor lighting fittings whether in your garden or illuminating your building.

The milky colouring diffuses the light output which gives the effect of a continual line of light. Gain a professional and contemporary lighting design with this ingenious lighting solution.

The high quality components and thick PCB ensures this is a reliable product that is ideal for high end installations. The strips are extremally durable and offer a long life span. This will ensure that your lighting design will look the way it is supposed to for many years.

This product comes in 3 variations:

  • A cool white lighting with a colour temperature of 5500 - 6500K perfect for bright clinical lighting and achieve beautiful glows
  • A warm white lighting with a colour temperature of 2800 - 3300K. This achieves a beautiful soft and warm ambience perfect for creating a homely aesthetic
  • Finally a RGB lighting option that allows a variety of bright bold colours to be cast. This is perfect for creative and unique lighting effects. You can change to match the mood and atmosphere that you want to create.


Limelight UV LED strip lights feature a black circuit board. This is a perfect LED lighting product for dark environments such as clubs, bars and arcades.

The black colouring reflects less light than the white colouring of standard LED strips. We have a specialist UV strip light suited for every installation. This includes single colour and colour changing options.

The Limelight series offers brilliant Black light LED strips that can create unique and beautiful lighting designs. Perfect for lighting installations where there is UV reactive paint or white surfaces. It will create luminescent colouring when it reacts achieving fun and bespoke visuals.

They can be easily installed in creative ways such as under the bar counters, around mirrors or simply to light up dance floors. They are especially useful in arcades to achieve a fun and child like lighting design that is perfectly paired with poppy and colourful graphic designs.

Pixel Kit

This colour changing LED strip light is a brilliant solution where a RGB LED strip is required.

Standard LED strips are adjusted by each pixel following the same command. However, this Pixel RGB LED strip have the ability for each individual pixel to be addressed. Therefore enabling greater creativity with complex lighting effects.

This is a perfect product for practical effects in high end productions. It is also wonderful for bars and clubs where a fun and interesting lighting designs are required.

The strip allows for 99 different programmes with a range of effects available. The speed and length of the modes can be adjusted so you can construct a distinctive light show. It comes pre-paired with a RF LED controller that will enable effortless control.

It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting with its high quality IP65 gel coating.


To provide a power supply to your LED strip lights, it is important to chose an appropriate LED driver.

Read our case study on selecting an appropriate driver for your LED product.

StudioFlex offers many strips that will meet your demands. Create stunning lighting features with the best product for your custom installation that will deliver on style and reliability.

Specialists in house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.
Speak to an LED expert today on 01260 540014

StudioFlex Features

High CRI Rating

Studioflex Strips have a high CRI rating which improves its ability to produce a pure white light.

High Quality PCB

Our LED Strip lights are built using the highest grade materials to ensure brightness & durability.

High LED's per Metre

Studioflex Strip lights feature high LEDs per metre, reducing spotting and improving brightness.

StudioFlex Ranges

Ultra Bright

5 Year Warranty

  1. 100.119
    Limelight UV (395-400NM) LED Strip 24V 70 LEDs P/Mtr Black PCB
  2. 101.207
    NeoLED Dynamic 2700k-6500k 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  3. 101.206
    NeoLED RGB 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  4. 101.205
    NeoLED Dark Pink 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  5. 101.204
    NeoLED Orange 595-605nm 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  6. 101.203
    NeoLED Blue 455-465nm 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  7. 101.202
    NeoLED Green 520-530nm 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  8. 101.201
    NeoLED Red 620-630nm 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light

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