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LED lights require a power supply unit (PSU) /driver to connect the product to the mains. A constant voltage LED driver is a power supply that regulates the voltage supplied to a lighting product. For low voltage LEDs, it is important that the correct voltage is supplied to prevent overheating or electrical failure...

When specifying an LED transformer both the voltage and the wattage must be suitable for the product you are powering. To get the best life and performance out of your drivers, we recommend loading the driver to around 75% of the drivers' value, for example, a 100W driver should be loaded to around 75W, or a 200W driver should be run at around 150W.

Different grades of 24V LED strips will require different types of LED drivers depending on the power they draw. For this reason, we keep a wide range of LED drivers with 24V of power in stock ranging in size and wattage, like our LEDTech | 150w LED driver 24v.

For professional installs of LED strip lights, we keep stock of IP67 rated LED drivers suitable for outdoor projects.

The IP rating consists of 2 numbers. The first number indicates the level of protection against solid objects while the second number indicates the level of protection against liquids. The '6' on the IP rating stands for totally protected against dust, and the '7' stands for protected against temporary submersion. View our case study on IP ratings for further information on what they mean.

We also have a TRIAC 24v dimmable LED driver which is a dimmable voltage LED Power Supply, designed to work with a TRIAC dimmer switch. This allows mains dimmers to control low voltage LED products through a single cable. TRIAC dimming is also used by systems like Lutron and Control-4 for automated lighting control.

Our range of TRIAC drivers are both leading edge and trailing edge compatible and can power a range of constant voltage LED Strips. A dimmable LED driver is an efficient and reliable method of LED dimming.

Dimmable drivers negate the need for a PWM dimmer on the low voltage output of a regular LED driver. TRIAC simplifies lighting control with the power and dimming supplied through a single cable.

LED Technologies also supply a selection of plug & play LED Drivers for example LEDTech | 100W 24V LED Driver | Plug and Play. This constant voltage 24v, 100w, 4Amp laptop style LED driver is an ideal product for powering our 72w ProFlex 24v LED products as it offers a plug and play solution. Simply plug the driver into a mains supply and then connect the female jack socket to the male jack plug fitted to the flex.

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  1. 100.278
    LEDTech | 100W 24V LED Driver | Plug and Play
  2. 100.331
    LEDTech | 100W 24V LED Driver
  3. 100.529
    LEDTech | 150W 24V LED Driver
  4. 100.551
    LEDTech | 200W 24V LED Driver
  5. 100.525
    LEDTech | 300W 24V LED Driver
  6. 100.530
    LEDTech | 30W 24V LED Driver
  7. 100.528
    LEDTech | 30W 24V LED Driver
  8. 101.110
    LEDTech | 360W 24V TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver
  9. 100.628
    LEDTech | 60W 24V LED Driver
  10. RSP-200-24
    Meanwell | 200W 24V LED Driver
  11. 100.914
    NEOLINEAR |200W 24V LED Driver
  12. SRPCTRIAC24100CV
    Sunricher Intelligent 4 in 1 Single Channel 24v 100w TRIAC Dimmable Driver
  13. SRPCTRIAC24200CV
    Sunricher Intelligent 4 in 1 Single Channel 24v 200w TRIAC Dimmable Driver
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12V vs 24V LED Drivers

12 and 24 constant voltage LED drivers both supply the required voltage to the products they are powering. The two types of driver work in the same way and are both as efficient as one another. 

24V LED strips however are often preferable to 12V and are frequently used for as a more professional product. As 24V strips have a higher voltage there is less of a voltage drop, this results in a more consistent brightness across the LED strip.

Current is the rate of flow of electrical charge, for 24V LED strips the current is lower compared to a 12V equivalent. Because of this there is less strain on the LED tape and the product will generally last longer.