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Mi-Light MiBoxer RGB+CCT Smart LED Light Bulbs

Mi-Light MiBoxer RGB+CCT Smart LED Light Bulbs

From our wide range of Mi-Light smart LED lighting products, these energy-efficient Smart LED Lamps are a great LED lighting product. The LED light bulbs are supplied with E27 (large Edison screw) fittings, E14 screw fittings and also GU10 fittings. This ensures a good firm connection in your ES (Edison Screw) lamp holder...

The LED bulbs are available in various bulb shapes and are fully compatible with a standard E27 fitting, simply remove your existing bulb and screw your new Smart Lamp into place.

Pairing your smart LED light bulb with your wireless Mi-Light Handset or Mi-Light Wall panel or even a wireless DMX controller. is quick and easy. You will then have full control over the millions of colour combinations available.

You will also have the option to create the right ambience of white light with the adjustable colour temperature. Adjust the colour temperature from a relaxing warm white to a more natural cool white for your working area, ranging from 2700K to 6500K.

  • See one of our Mi-Light smart LED light bulbs in action with this video.
As these smart energy-saving light bulbs are so easy to fit into your existing lamp holders, they are a great product for your bedroom, your children’s bedroom or even sensory rooms. These LED light bulbs will be a great night light with their dimmable LED's.

With an ultra-wide beam angle of 220 degrees and an input voltage of AC100-240V, these smart LED lamps emit an even spread of light, enabling you to create the ideal ambience in your home or office environment.

The high CRI rating (> 80) ensures that the light from the lamp is comfortable on the eye and the opaque bulb reduces glare to a minimum.

The smart light bulbs will pair directly with a variety of Mi-Light handsets or wall panel controllers giving you full control over colour, colour temperature & saturation. The 2.4G RF Mi-Light handset and wall panel controllers are battery operated making them completely safe to use.

There are also a wide range of Mi-Light controllers available with multiple zone control options that will either synchronise all your smart LED lamps together or control them in separate zones, all from a single remote controller.

Controlling your LED lamps from your phone from anywhere in the world is possible with the free Mi-Light phone app. You can also control your LED lights with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant. This provides the perfect smart lighting system for your home or business.

Note: An additional hub is required for smartphone & voice control.

The Mi-Light control system features “Signal Transmitting & Mode Sync” meaning each LED light bulb re-transmits the signal from the LED controller to other LED light bulbs in the group. This effectively creates a MESH network that means all the Mi-Light light bulbs in the network will synchronise together wirelessly, without any connecting control leads.

As long as the first LED light bulb is within 30 meters of the LED controller, the signal from the controller will jump from the first light bulb to the rest of the light bulbs within 30 meters of each other. This makes them a great choice for bars, restaurants and clubs as you don't need control cables to keep all your lamps in sync with each other.

We confidently offer a 5-year warranty on all Mi-Light products purchased from LED Technologies.

Mi-Light MiBoxer LED Light Bulbs

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  1. FUT012
    FUT012 MiBoxer 9W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Lamp
  2. FUT103
    FUT103 MiBoxer 4W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED GU10 Spotlight
  3. FUT103Z
    FUT103Z MiBoxer 4W ZIGBEE 3.0 GU10 RGB+CCT LED Spotlight
  4. FUT107
    FUT107 MiBoxer 6W Dual White AC100-240V LED GU10 Spotlight
  5. FUT106
    FUT106 MiBoxer 6W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED GU10 Spotlight
  6. FUT017
    FUT017 MiBoxer 6W Dual White AC100-240V LED Lamp
  7. FUT013
    FUT013 MiBoxer 5W E14 RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Lamp
  8. FUT014
    FUT014 MiBoxer 6W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Lamp
  9. FUT019
    FUT019 MiBoxer 9W Dual White AC100-240V LED Lamp
  10. FUT108
    FUT108 MiBoxer 4W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Candle Light Bulb
  11. FUT105
    FUT105 MiBoxer 12W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Lamp
  12. FUT105Z
    FUT105Z MiBoxer 12W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Lamp ZIGBEE 3.0
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