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LED Technologies are an innovative and proactive company, we listen to our customers and are continually searching for new products to bring to the market. This can take time as there are a lot of factors to consider before we can confidently stock new products and support them properly. Once we are 100% satisfied with a product we can then include it into our range.

Our new products encompass LED luminaires such as floodlights, battens, garden lighting, ceiling panels and downlighters. We regularly update our flexible lighting to include new LED strips and LED Neon to suit our customers requirements. New control equipment including...

DMX, DALI, RF Remote Control, Bluetooth, ZIGBEE and Z-Wave are regularly updated and we also stock a huge range of profiles that include flat, surface mounted profiles, angled profiles, plaster in profiles and wall-mounted or suspended profiles. All profiles are supplied complete with diffusers, end caps and mounting clips. Our range of connectors and cables include Raytech waterproof connectors, solderless connectors, solder heat shrink and latch lever connectors. We have an excellent range of cables that are regularly updated and our stock now includes two core, four core, five core and six core cables available in both round and ribbon cable options.

As the only official UK and Ireland distributor of Sunricher products, we regularly incorporate their new products as they are released into the market and as an official distributor we get to see these products before they are on general release, all Sunricher products carry a full five year warranty.

We are keen to partner with reputable companies that produce high-quality products and our recent decision to bring Mi-Light and MiBoxer into our range has enabled us to widen our range of products considerably to include various new luminaires and their appropriate control equipment. We are the only company that offers a five year warranty on all Mi-Light and MiBoxer products that are purchased from us and all our stock is based in the UK for fast delivery.

Our New Product Process
This is a brief insight into the “behind the scenes” activity that we go through to make sure that our customers get the best products and support that they have come to rely upon. By researching, testing and dealing with reputable companies our customers can buy from us with confidence knowing that they will get the right product and more importantly the technical expertise and back up behind it.

We may get an idea for a product from a customer, a member of our staff or we may just see something that we feel would be a great addition to our range. We will then research our extensive database of suppliers to find the right factory, this may mean a visit to the factory to make sure that the production facilities meet our standards and to make sure the company can support us with both technical support and product back up.

Product Samples
The next step is to organise samples of the proposed products which we then test at our premises to make sure that it does what it should. We check the build quality, the materials used and then we stress test the product to check the longevity in a real-world environment. For example, our new Mi-Light garden lights were placed, yes you’ve guessed, in a garden, in all weathers, continually, 24 hours a day, running programs, lighting up various features to check that they were good enough to bring into our product range.

Providing the products meet our standards, we will then place an initial stock order with the factory which then goes into production and eventually arrives in our UK-based warehouse.

Training & Marketing
While we are waiting for the products to arrive, our marketing department swings into action, taking photographs of the sample products, doing the website write-ups, making sure that the correct technical documentation is loaded onto the website and the product is presented in the best possible way. Shortly before the product arrives, product focus emails are sent out advising customers that a new product is imminent.

In the meantime (and this is the best bit) our technical sales team get to play with the products, read the datasheets and make sure they are familiar with its operation and ensure that they are familiar with all the support documentation. Training on the products is done in-house but for more complex products and systems, we may send a technical specialist to the factory to learn about the product in more depth. We would normally appoint a technical specialist to oversee a product range, they will have access to the technical support team at the factory who will provide the technical backup and support should we not be able to answer a question in house.

So keep your eye on our new products section to make sure that, like us, you are fully up to date with the latest innovations and products that are coming to market. For further information or advice, our technical sales team are available by phone, email or via our live chat.
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  1. SRPC210812200CVF
    Sunricher Professional Constant Voltage 12V 200W DMX Driver with RDM
  2. SR2309PRO
    Sunricher DALI DT8 Dimmer 12-36V
  3. SRP2309PRO75WCCF
    Sunricher DALI DT8 4 in 1 Professional 75W Constant Current DALI Driver
  4. SRP210650WCCT
    Sunricher DMX Dual Channel Constant Current 50w DMX Driver with RDM
  5. 100.564
    Raytech BOB3-N Gel Connector IP68 105mm x 80mm x 25mm
  6. SR2701B
    Sunricher DALI Switch
  7. 100.127
    LEDTech Single Pole Connector - Fast Latch Lever Lock
  8. SYSRC2
    SYSRC2 Mi-Light 15W RGB+CCT 24V LED Garden Light
  9. 101.208
    NeoLED RGBW (4000K) 24V 12mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  10. X1
    X1 MiBoxer Single Colour LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  11. X4
    X4 MiBoxer RGBW DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  12. X3
    X3 MiBoxer RGB LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  13. X2
    X2 MiBoxer Colour Temperature DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  14. D5G100
    D5G100 MiBoxer 100W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Floodlight
  15. D5G50
    D5G50 MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Floodlight
  16. D4W72
    D4W72 MiBoxer 72W RGBW AC100-240V DMX LED Wall Washer
  17. D5CX
    D5CX MiBoxer 5 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  18. D4CX
    D4CX MiBoxer 4 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  19. D3CX
    D3CX MiBoxer 3 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  20. D2CX
    D2CX MiBoxer 2 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  21. D1CX
    D1CX MiBoxer 1 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder
  22. RD9L
    RD9L MiBoxer 9W RGB+CCT LoRa 433MHz In Ground LED Light
  23. FUTC06L
    FUTC06L MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT LoRa 433MHz LED Flood Light
  24. FUTC05L
    FUTC05L MiBoxer 25W RGB+CCT LoRa 433MHz LED Garden Light
  25. RL124L
    RL124L MiBoxer 24W LoRa 433MHz RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Wall Washer
  26. LL118
    LL118 MiBoxer 18W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Linear Light
  27. SYSPT2
    SYSPT2 Mi-Light 1 Channel Amplifier Box
  28. SYSPT1
    SYSPT1 Mi-Light 2.4GHz 1 Channel Host Control Box
  29. SYSRL1
    SYSRL1 MiBoxer 24W RGB+CCT 24V LED Wall Washer Light
  30. SYSRW1
    SYSRW1 MiBoxer 15W RGB+CCT 24V Underwater LED Light
  31. FUTT08
    FUTT08 MiBoxer 200W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Floodlight
  32. FUTT07
    FUTT07 MiBoxer 100W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Floodlight
  33. FUTT06
    FUTT06 MiBoxer 10W RGB+CCT 24V LED Floodlight
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Items 1-33 of 919

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