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12v LED Drivers

12v LED Drivers

LED lights require a power supply unit/ LED Driver. A constant voltage LED driver is a power supply that will regulate the voltage supplied to a LED light. For low-voltage LEDs, it is important that the correct voltage is supplied to prevent overheating or failure.

View our case study " How do I know which LED driver I need?" to select an appropriate LED driver

Our range of 12v LED light drivers are excellent for our 12v LED strip lights and LED modules. This includes 30w up to 300w 12v drivers for LED lights. There is also a variety of IP ratings for indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Read our helpful guide on " LED Product Filters Explained " for more information on IP ratings.

We also have a 12v TRIAC driver which is a dimmable voltage LED Power Supply, designed to work with a TRIAC dimmer switch. This allows mains dimmers to control low voltage LED products through a single cable. TRIAC dimming is also used by systems like Lutron and Control-4 for automated lighting control.

Our range of TRIAC drivers are both leading edge and trailing edge compatible and can power a range of constant voltage LED Strips. A dimmable LED driver is an efficient and reliable method of LED dimming.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. 100.531
    LEDTech | 30W 12V LED Driver
  2. 100.330
    LEDTech | 60W 12V LED Driver
  3. 100.570
    LEDTech | 100W 12V LED Driver
  4. 100.626
    LEDTech | 150W 12V LED Driver
  5. 100.569
    LEDTech | 200W 12V LED Driver
  6. 100.627
    LEDTech | 300W 12V LED Driver
  7. 101.107
    LEDTech | 100W 12V TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver
  8. 101.109
    LEDTech | 30W 12V Triac Dimmable LED Driver
  9. SRPC210812200CVF
    Sunricher DMX Ultra Pro Constant Voltage 12V 200W DMX Driver with RDM & Master Mode
  10. SRPLZG91051250CVT
    Sunricher ZIGBEE Dual Channel (CCT) 12v 50w Slim Style Constant Voltage LED Driver
  11. SRPL10091250CVT
    Sunricher RF Dual Channel (CCT) 12v 50w Slim Style LED Driver
  12. SRPD1240CVT
    Sunricher Modular 12v 40w Two Channel Driver
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What Size 12V LED Driver Do I Need?

When specifying a 12V LED driver both the voltage and the wattage must be suitable for the product you are powering. For LED strips this can be done by multiplying the total length of the strip by the power consumed per metre. For example;

  • 9 metres of 4.8 W/pm 12V LED strip would draw a total of 43.2 Watts ( 9m x 4.8 W/pm)
  • 6 metres of 14.4 W/pm 12V LED strip would draw a total of 86.4 Watts (6m x 14.4 W/pm)

To prevent overheating an LED driver should not be run at more than 75% of its capacity. For example;

  • A 60W 12V Driver can power a maximum of 45W (75% of 60W)
  • A 150W 12V Driver can power a maximum of 112.5W (75% of 60W)

By properly specifying your 12V LED Driver you will ensure that the power supply does not overheat or fail prematurely.