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IP67 Rated outdoor LED strip lights

IP67 Rated outdoor LED strip lights

LED Technologies stock a wide range of IP67 LED strip lights that are ideal waterproof lighting solutions. These are perfect for lighting in wet and damp environments such as outdoors.

Ingress protection ratings indicate the protection of the LED strips against solid objects and water. The first digit indicates dust protection. These strip lights are therefore completely protected against dust.

The second digit indicates protection against water. Therefore, IP67 LED strips are submersible in water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes...

Read more about IP ratings using our case study

These waterproof LED strip lights are often used for outdoor installations. This is because they are strong enough to withstand harsh weather such as rain. They can be often used in bathrooms and kitchens too as it can withstand splashes and steam. This brings a beautifully contemporary lighting design to your space.

The silicone coated LED strips feature a durable coating that will not crack or discolour over time. It covers the entirety of the circuit board to ensure the tape is protected. It is guarantied to offer a long life span for long term installations.

Our outdoor light tape comes in a huge range so that you can achieve a bespoke lighting design. From single colours to RGBW colour changing with varying colour temperatures strips. You are highly likely to find the perfect product for you.

We offer 3000k Warm Whites that will create a soft and comforting lighting effect. This is ideal for domestic lighting to make a homely aesthetic.

On the other hand, we offer 4000k Cool White LED lighting. This is perfect for task lighting as it allows clear visibility. If you require both, we also offer CCT adjustable strip lights that can be changed throughout the day.

There are a huge range of single colour LED tapes in Red, Green, Blue and Orange options. There are also RGB LED strips that will enable you to create a custom colour. You can create any mood or atmosphere that you require easily through the use of colour.

We also offer IP67 waterproof Flexi Strip lights that are bendable. It is perfect for complicated verticals or channel lettering lighting. The tape can be bent up and down as well as left and right giving you freedom of placement.

To reduce spotting, there are frosted silicone coated strip lights. Increasing the amount of LEDs in silicone coated strips, it will cause the strips to over heat. Excessive heat can cause damage to your strips and reduce their life span.

Milky White strip lights diffuse the light without the need of closely packed LED lights. This ensures a professional continuous line of light with reduced spotting.

Create beautiful glows or outlines to accentuate and embellish your space. Whether that is outside of your commercial building or in your garden. Strip lights are a versatile product that can achieve ambient and functional lighting.

LED strip lights can be used to light up focal points within your space. Perfect for embellishing trees, statues or water features. It is particularly beautiful when used on moving water. It bounces off the highlights of the ripples achieving a stunning visual.

They can be used inside for a similar effect, or installed behind furniture such as mirrors to achieve a beautiful glow. They could even be used as a main light source particularly for bathrooms and kitchens. Simply place the strips into an aluminium profile which will create a continuous line of light. This is a perfect energy efficient alternative for creating the look of a fluorescent tube light.

When installing these strip lights into wet environments, it is important to maintain the IP rating. Ensure that the entire system is waterproof. LED Technologies offer a range of waterproof LED drivers that are perfect for damp installations.

The wire connections can then be placed into our gel connectors that will ensure a water tight seal.

If the wires are not properly sealed, when the flexible lights heat up through use, the air inside the enclosure expands. If there is any exposed connection, the air will escape. Moisture will then be drawn up through the cables and can cause permanent damage to your LED lighting.

You can create bespoke lengths of LED strips by cutting on the marked cutting points. It is vital to reseal the tape with silicone sealant which prevents water from accessing the circuit board.

The lighting can then be controlled by a huge range of control options from our Sunricher range. This includes protocols such as RF, DMX and DALI. Choose an appropriate receiver and then simply connect your lights. These control systems offer a huge range of control options such as wall panels, dimmer switches and handsets.

The lighting can even be integrated into your home automation network enabling voice control. Ensure you are connected to a suitable hub such as Philips Hue or Amazon Alexa.

Shop our range today and find the right IP67 LED strip for your outdoor lighting project.

Specialists in house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.
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  1. 100.622
    ProFlex White LED Strip 5000-6000K 24V 72W IP67
  2. proset1
    ProFlex RGBCW Bundle (Indoor IP20)
  3. 101.141
    ProFlex Daylight White LED Strip 4000-4500K 10mtr IP67
  4. 100.617
    Ultra Thin Cool White LED Light Bar 1.5W 12V IP67
  5. 100.915
    ProFlex Marine IP68 RGB LED Strip
  6. 100.917
    ProFlex Warm White 3000-3500K Marine IP68
  7. 100.916
    ProFlex Cool White 6000-6500K Marine IP68
  8. 100.693
    StudioFlex MW Cool White LED Strip 5500-6500K 96W IP67
  9. 100.704
    StudioFlex MW Warm White LED Strip 2800-3300K 96W IP67
  10. 100.624
    StudioFlex CT Adjustable LED Strip 2800-6500K 24V 96W IP67
  11. 100.545
    ProFlex RGBWW LED Strip (3000-3500K) 24V 100W IP67
  12. 100.544
    ProFlex RGB Cool White LED Strip 24V 100W IP67
  13. 100.494
    ProFlex Pink LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  14. 100.487
    ProFlex Daylight White LED Strip 4000-4500K 72W IP67
  15. 100.289
    ProFlex Orange - 24V 72W IP67
  16. 100.272
    ProFlex Blue LED Strip 24V 72W IP67
  17. 100.290
    ProFlex Green LED Strip 24V 72W IP67
  18. 100.277
    ProFlex Red LED Strip 24V 72W IP67
  19. 100.160
    ProFlex RGB LED Strip 24V 72W IP67
  20. 100.695
    StudioFlex Super Cool White LED Strip 5700-6500K 24V 72W IP67
  21. 100.579
    ProFlex Natural White LED Strip 4000-4500K 12V 24W IP67
  22. 100.153
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 3000-3500K 24V 72W IP67
  23. 100.460
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2800-3300K 24V 72W IP67
  24. 100.252
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 5700-6500K 12V 24W IP67
  25. 100.587
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2500-2900K 24V 72W IP67
  26. 100.154
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 6000-6500K 24V 72W IP67
  27. 100.580
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 5000-6000K 12V 24W IP67
  28. 100.741
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 5700-6900K 10mtr IP67
  29. 100.286
    ProFlex Blue LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  30. 100.285
    ProFlex Green LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  31. 100.287
    ProFlex Orange LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  32. 100.253
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2800-3300K 12V 24W IP67
  33. 100.578
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2500-2900K 12V 24W IP67
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Installing Outdoor LED strip lighting

To ensure longevity when installing LED lighting outdoors there are measures that can be taken to prevent water damage. Once an IP rated strip is cut it is important to reseal the tape with a silicone sealant. This prevents water from accessing the circuit board through the incision made when cutting the strip.

Any connections made outdoors must be properly sealed to prevent water from travelling down cables into components. This happens over a prolonged period of time and can be prevented using products like our raytech GEL connectors. These connectors protect junctions against water ingress and ensure complete water protection. 

For further information on outdoor installations be sure to contact our technical team on 01260 540 014.