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Professional 12V LED strip Lighting - ProFlex 12V

LED tape comes in a range of voltages each suited to different types of installations, typically available in 12/24 volts. Our range of Proflex 12V strips are designed for professional displays, exhibitions and residential lighting. 

With branded Epistar LED chips this range of strips is a high quality LED strip designed for high-end projects. Our IP67 rated Proflex strips come complete with a durable silicone coating suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Fitted with a sturdy 3M adhesive our Proflex strips can be easily stuck to a gloss surface or aluminium extrusion.

Proflex 12V LED strips are easy to install and can be cut to length for bespoke projects using the cut increments. Our range of professional 12V strips is available in a range of colours options to suit a range of projects. Shop our selection today and find the right 12V LED strip for your professional lighting install.

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  1. 100.706
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip for Modelmaking 12V IP20
  2. 101.191
    ModelFlex RGB LED Strip
  3. 100.924
    ModelFlex Daylight White LED Strip 4000/4500K
  4. 100.923
    ModelFlex Warm White LED Strip 2900/3100K
  5. 100.925
    ModelFlex Red LED Light Strip 620-625NM
  6. 100.926
    ModelFlex Green LED Strip 520-525NM
  7. 100.927
    ModelFlex Blue LED Strip 460-465NM
  8. 100.928
    ModelFlex Orange LED Strip 605-610NM
  9. 100.252
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 5700-6500K 12V 24W IP67
  10. 100.580
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 5000-6000K 12V 24W IP67
  11. 100.579
    ProFlex Natural White LED Strip 4000-4500K 12V 24W IP67
  12. 100.253
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2800-3300K 12V 24W IP67
  13. 100.578
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2500-2900K 12V 24W IP67
  14. 100.522
    ProFlex Warm White LED Strip 2400-2700K 12V 24W IP67
  15. 100.285
    ProFlex Green LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  16. 100.286
    ProFlex Blue LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  17. 100.287
    ProFlex Orange LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  18. 100.494
    ProFlex Pink LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  19. 101.150
    ProFlex RGB LED Strip 12V 72W IP67
  20. 100.284
    ProFlex Red LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
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Where is 12V LED strip used

12V LED Strip lighting has a wide range of uses both in domestic installations and commercial projects. 12V tapes are typically used as mood lighting to create a halo effect in interior design and other lighting designs. Our standard ProFlex 12V strip featured 60 x 3528 LEDs per metre and can be cut every 50mm. 

When installed within a suitable aluminium profile the spotting effect can be reduced to create an even hue of light. By cutting the LED strip and profile to length a bespoke fixture can be created to suit specific lengths.