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  1. Testing the new Mi-Light LED Garden Light Set.

    Testing the new Smart LED Garden Light Set from LED Technologies Mi-Light & Mi-Boxer range of LED products.
  2. Exciting New Products from Mi-Light & MiBoxer

    LED Technologies are proud to announce that we will be Mi-Light & MiBoxer’s new UK and Ireland main exclusive distributor commencing September 2021, with over 150 new products coming into stock.
  3. How to install Lifestyle LED Strip Kits

    The LED Technologies 3m long red LED Strip Kit is an ideal product for creating a bright red halo of light in a room. See how to install it here.
  4. How to pair RF Handsets

    RF Handsets are the perfect way to control your LED Lighting. Learn how to pair, unpair and troubleshoot your remote control in this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. The example used, works for most Sunricher RF Handsets, Wall Panels, and receivers. Supplies used for this example:  (There...
  5. How to wire up a CCT Single COB LED Strip Light installation

    Learn how to wire up a a CCT Single COB LED Strip Light installation.
  6. New LED Profiles

    We have recently added 7 new & unqiue extrusions to our comprehensive range.
  7. Why do I need LED Profile?

    LED Strip Lights are a versatile product that can stick or be fixed directly to a range of surfaces but there are many advantages for using Profile.   1. A constant Line of Light While most LED Strip Lights provide a pixel-free reflection of light...
  8. How to wire up an RGBW Strip Light installation

    RGBW Strip Lights can be easily installed to any room of your house allowing you to create a variety of colours to suit any mood with an easy to use RF Handset. Lighting Supplies used for this example: (There are many other product options available...
  9. LED Accent Lighting for Your Home

    Accent lighting is a way of adding drama, mood and interest to a room by adding additional lights to create or highlight features. Accent lighting can be thought of in two ways, functional lighting and mood lighting. Functional lighting has a direct and practical use...
  10. 12V LED Strip Lights for Campervans or Mobile Homes

    12v LED strip lights are the perfect product for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, boats or anything that uses 12v Batteries. It is a very versatile style of lighting as it can be cut to various lengths and is positioned in place with self-adhesive backing making it...

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