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  1. Introducing NeoLED

    NeoLED Strip lighting is a new innovative product for 2019 featuring a high-density distribution of chips producing a completely uniform line of light without any dark spots.

  2. What is the difference between 12V and 24V LED strip?

    Both 12V and 24V products can be used in high-end installations however, a 24V LED strip is always preferable to a 12V LED strip when possible.

  3. Pro Flex 24V Strip Lights

    For installations where a High quality and Durable LED strip light is required our range of Proflex LED strip lights are tailor made for Long term, professional applications.

  4. Waterproof Low voltage LED lighting installations

    When installing waterproof LED Strip Lights, the entire electrical installation needs to be sealed and protected from water ingress.

  5. Waterproof LED Strip Lights and Connectors

    IP67 & IP68 Waterproof Strips and Connectors

  6. Outdoor Strip Lighting with minimal spotting

    Reducing the spotting effect from an LED strip to create a completely consistent hue of Light is an effect most designers will be looking to achieve when working with LED strip lighting

  7. Halloween Product Picks

    To help you find the perfect LED products for all your Halloween projects, we have handpicked a selection of lights and controlers that should get your creative juices flowing.

  8. Creative Ways to use LED floodlights

    The most common and creative way to use and LED floodlight in different applications

  9. NEOLINEAR™ for a shop window arch

    For an outward light emitting non-spotting shop window arch NEOLINEAR™ is theperfect solution. This high grade product comes in 2 variations, Top view and a Side view both of which are IP67 rated so can be used outside.

  10. What are IP Ratings

    IP stands for "Ingress Protection". It is a measurement of protection against solid objects (dust and dirt) and liquids. The IP rating is consists of 2 numbers. The first number indicates the level of protection against solid objects while the second number indicates the level...

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