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  1. IP68 LED Lighting - Spanish Holiday Resort

    Used on this fantastic holiday resort in Spain was our IP68 rated ProFlex Warm White Marine LED Strip Light and RGB+CCT LED Pool Lights from Mi-Light MiBoxer.
  2. StudioFlex Home Feature Wall

    Installed on this media Feature wall was our Colour Temperature adjustable LED Strip. Installed as a single-controlled zone but over 4 separate areas. This was all controlled by our new Mi-Light handheld remote control system.
  3. FUTC05 Architectural Light - Office Building

    At the famous Willis Tower Watson Building in Ipswich. LED Technologies were proud to supply over 150 of our new Architectural range of LED up lights.
  4. Sensory Swimming Pool - LED Wall Washers

    Recently installed in this Sensory swimming pool was 4 of our RL124 RF LED Wall Washer Lights from the brand new Mi-Light MiBoxer Range of LED Products. As they have a narrow 15 x 60 degree beam angle they were used to form a wash of light down the tiled wall.
  5. Testing the new Mi-Light LED Garden Light Set.

    Testing the new Smart LED Garden Light Set from LED Technologies Mi-Light & Mi-Boxer range of LED products.
  6. Exciting New Products from Mi-Light & MiBoxer

    LED Technologies are proud to announce that we will be Mi-Light & MiBoxer’s new UK and Ireland main exclusive distributor commencing September 2021, with over 150 new products coming into stock.
  7. Creative Ways to use LED floodlights

    The most common and creative way to use and LED floodlight in different applications

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