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LED Extrusions

Led Technologies offer a comprehensive choice of LED profile extrusions

Our Led Extrusions are all designed to accommodate and enclose LED strip tape, creating a striking LED light-bar.


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Why Use Led Extrusions

Extrusions are a great addition to any LED Strip Light installation. They are ideal if your LED Strip Lights will be openly visible once fitted, as they can create a more ‘finished product’.

The extrusions will help prevent damage if the LED Strip Light would have been easily touchable by hand. And although they are not waterproof, they also protect from moisture. (However you can install IP67-rated LED tape into your extrusions.)

Cutting & Sizes

Many of our extrusions come in 1m or 2m lengths as standard, however you can simply cut the extrusion the length you require using a hack saw.

Fixtures & Fitting

All extrusions are supplied complete with fixing clips, end caps and an opaque diffuser.

The extrusion can be fixed into place by using counter sinks screws straight into the extrusion. 


All Led Extrusions are covered by a 1-year guarantee

LED Strip Lights FAQ

  • Are the LED strip lights used in conjunction with the LED extrusion waterproof? Certain led strip lights are waterproof and are recognised by the IP rating.  IP67 led strip lights are waterproof. Not all IP67 led strip lights can fit into an led extrusion.