7 reasons to fit LED strip lights into LED Aluminium Profile!

LED Strip Lights are a versatile product that can stick or be fixed directly to a range of surfaces but there are many advantages for using Profile.


1. A constant Line of Light

While most LED Strip Lights provide a pixel-free reflection of light. In some cases if the strip is on show the individual LEDs can be distinguished creating a spotting effect. If placed in a deep profile the spotting will be diffused creating a solid beam of light.

A general rule for this to divide 1000  by the LED’s per meter, this will give you a guide in mm for the depth of profile you will need to diffuse the light. E.g. 1000 divided by 60 LEDs per meter = 16.6mm depth. The profile can then be used as a light feature in straight lengths or cut and joined to form a variety of shapes.


2. Reduced glare

By installing LED Strip Light in Profile, a softer light is produced that isn’t as harsh on the eyes. This is preferable when installing some higher output LED Tapes.


3. Strength and protection

LED Strip light is basically a long thin circuit board with exposed diodes. It is easy to cause damage to the components if not handled with care. Therefore encapsulating the strip light in a rigid aluminium profile with a plastic diffuser will protect the circuitry from accidental knocks from cleaning or day to day hustle and bustle.


4. Acts as a heat sink

Most LED strip lights generate some degree of heat. While this is not normally an issue, the aluminium profile can absorb excess heat away from the diodes.

A constant build-up of heat can drastically reduce the life expectancy of the LED Strip Lights. Some materials are particularly bad at absorbing heat, MDF for example has a reputation for causing LED strips to overheat! Placing a profile between the two would resolve this issue.


5. More creativity possibilities

LED Profiles comes in a wide selection of designs and applications allowing you to create professional finishes previously unachievable with bare strip light. All our LED profiles are easy to install with end caps, fixing clips and diffusers included in the box. Aluminium profiles are perfect for painting or powder coating to easily match colour schemes for seamless integration.


6. Staying power

LED Profile has to be manually fixed in place either by plastering it in, using fixing clips or screwing directly to the surface. This ensures a clean, smooth and reliable surface for the LED strip to be stuck down to, eliminating the risk of the adhesive failing and causing the lights to drop down or fall off completely. Giving you peace of mind that your installation will stay in place looking as it was intended for years to come.


7. Impressive finish

Profile fitted with a diffuser provides a far better-finished look to an installation than bare LED Strip Light. Even when hidden away, on inspection the profile looks more professional and gives off a more pleasing beam of light. When quality counts, LED Profile is an easy solution. With a large range of quality products in stock and available for next day delivery with expert advice, you can rely on LED Technologies.