7 reasons to fit LED strip lights into LED Aluminium Profile!

LED profiles or extrusions are a protective housing for concealing LED strip lights. Profiles are perfect for creating neat and professional installations. They reduce spotting of LED lights and diffuses light for a softer lighting effect. They also act as a heat sink to help dissipate the heat that the LED strips create.

Profiles are easy to install by simply attaching the strip onto the aluminum plate using the adhesive backing on the strip. The profile can then be installed by screwing through the back or using fixing clips.

1. A constant Line of Light

Most LED strip lights provide a pixel-free reflection of light. However in some cases such as if the strips are on show, the individual LEDs create a spotting effect. Placing the strips into a Deep LED profile, the spotting will be diffused and create a solid beam of light.

LED Profile

To select the perfect sized profile to reduce spotting of your strip lights, divide 1000 by the LEDs per meter. This will give you a guide for the minimum depth of the profile.

For example, 1000 divided by 60 LEDs per meter equals a 16.6 mm depth.

The profile can then be used as a light feature in straight lengths or cut and joined together to form unique shapes.

The effect of a continuous line of light makes this a perfect alternative for fluorescent light tubes. LED lighting is more energy efficient and is not toxic when damaged making this a perfect replacement.

2. Reduced Glare

Installing LED strip lights into an aluminium LED profile will achieve a softer light output. Glare can affect our ability to see properly not to mention it is unpleasant to look at. This can be a huge issue with high output LED tape such as Optima strip lights. Simply using a profile with a diffuser will eradicate this problem.

3. Strength and Protection

LED strips are circuit boards with exposed light emitting diodes. It is easy to damage the components if not handled with care. Protecting the strips with a LED strip profile with an opaque diffuser will shield the circuitry from accidental knocks.

They are very easy to clean and the protective barrier ensures the strips themselves do not come into contact with cleaning materials.

This is extremally beneficial in places where the lights are likely to be touched or have something spilt on them such as children rooms or clubs and bars. The profile will reduce damage and pro long the life of the lights.

4. Acts as a Heat Sink

Most LED strip lights generate some degree of heat. While this is not a huge issue, profiles can act as a LED heat sink that absorbs excess heat. This is particularly useful for high powered strip lights such as Optima or StudioFlex Duo that do emit more heat than the standard LED light.

A constant build-up of heat can drastically reduce the life expectancy of the LED Strip Lights. Some materials are particularly bad at absorbing heat, Medium-density fibreboard for example has a reputation for causing LED strips to overheat! Placing a profile between the two would resolve this issue.

LED Profile

5. More Creativity Possibilities

LED profiles are available in a wide selection of designs and applications. They allow you to create professional finishes that you cannot achieve with the bare strip light.

Whether your lighting project requires focused light or wide wash of light, or maybe you need them to be able to be walked over, our selection has got you covered.

All of our profiles are easy to install with end caps, fixing clips and diffusers included in the box.

Aluminium profiles are perfect for painting or powder coating to easily match into the colour scheme of the space for seamless integration.

6. Staying Power

LED extrusions have to be manually fixed into place. All of our strips can be mounted using fixing clips or screwing directly into the surface. Our recessed profiles are designed to be plastered into the wall for extra security.

LED Profile

Profiles can be surfaced mounted almost anywhere, whether on ceilings, walls, floors and anywhere in between.

They ensure a clean, smooth and reliable surface for the LED strip to be stuck down onto. This eliminates the risk of the adhesive failing and causing them to drop down or fall off completely. It gives you peace of mind that your mounted LED strips will stay in place and looking as intended for many years.

7. Impressive Finish

Profiles are perfect for professional LED installations. Profiles with a fitted diffuser provides a stylish finish to the strips compared to a bar strip. Even when concealed, on inspection the profile looks more professional and gives off a more pleasing beam of light.

When quality counts, LED Profiles are an easy solution.

Our range of Profiles

LED Technologies offer a wide range of LED profiles perfect for any installation. This includes:

  • Flat LED profiles
  • Deep LED profiles
  • Angled LED profiles
  • Recessed LED profiles
  • Walk over LED profiles

LED Profile
LED Profile
LED Profile

Profiles are suitable for our range of LED strip lights. Just ensure that the width of the profile is big enough to fit the strip light inside.

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