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  1. ProFlex RGB LED Gym Lighting

    Our ProFlex RGB LED Strip and Angled Corner Profile were used to provide the stunning glow throughout this Gym.

  2. ProFlex 36V LED Strip - Home Installation

    This modern home installation was designed with a cool white glow outside the front of the house and along the top of the walls indoors. The lighting inside this house was achieved with the use of our professional ProFlex 36V LED Strip that comes on 10-metre reels.
  3. StudioFlex RGBW - Kitchen Ceiling

    Used throughout the edge of the ceiling in this stunning kitchen design was our 10 Mtr, RGB Natural White LED Strip from our range of StudioFlex LED strips, all controlled through Amazon's Alexa with our ZIGBEE control solutions.
  4. StudioFlex Daylight White - Home Installation

    Used throughout this home installation area was our 24v, Daylight White LED Strip from our range of StudioFlex LED strips. The LED strip was mounted in two different LED profiles.
  5. StudioFlex RGBW - I Saw It First

    Used throughout I Saw It First's stunning office and main reception area was our 24v, 30 watts per metre, RGBW LED Strip from our range of StudioFlex LED strips. Mounted in our Deep Recessed LED profile.
  6. ProFlex RGB - Exhibition Display

    Used on these unique lighting displays was our 24v, 14.4 watts per metre, IP67 Rated RGB LED Strip. Mounted in our Batten LED profile to create the unique pylon and wall-mounted lighting effect you see pictured so this display stood out.
  7. ProFlex RGB - Gaming Exhibition

    Used on this stand was our 24v, 14.4 watts per metre RGB LED Strip, fully controlled through DMX. Mounted in our bendable profile to create the rib effect you see pictured so this exhibition stand really catches your eye.
  8. ProFlex RGBCW - The Specialist Works

    Installed on this modern office fit-out was our IP67 rated RGB Cool White colour changing LED Strip Light. The LED Strip was mounted in our wide crown LED profile. The length of the profile and the LED tape were installed along the ceiling and floor in the hallway entrance.
  9. ProFlex 36V - Kildare Village Lighting

    Over 500m of LED Strip was used for this installation which created an inviting glow throughout the length of the walkway in Kildare Village.
  10. StudioFlex Home Feature Wall

    Installed on this media Feature wall was our Colour Temperature adjustable LED Strip. Installed as a single-controlled zone but over 4 separate areas. This was all controlled by our new Mi-Light handheld remote control system.

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