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NEOLINEAR™ Neon Flex Accessories

All our NEOLINEAR™ LED neon flex accessories are designed to complement our NEOLINEAR™ product range. Including our Top View LED Neon Flex and Side View LED Neon Flex. Purchasing our Neon flex lighting accessories will ensure that you get the best out of your LED lighting.

Our accessories include end caps and extrusions that are essential for creating sleek and beautiful contemporary lighting designs. We also stock a NEOLINEAR LED driver that serves to power your LED neon flex lighting.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. 100.883
    Neon Flex Topview end cap pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  2. 100.882
    Neon Flex Sideview end cap pack x 10 | NEOLINEAR
  3. 101.966
    Neon Flex Express Topview Clip Pack | NEOLINEAR
  4. 101.967
    Neon Flex Express Sideview Clip Pack | NEOLINEAR
  5. 100.879
    Neon Flex Topview Clip pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  6. 100.880
    Neon Flex Sideview Clip pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  7. 100.877
    Neon Flex Topview Extrusion | NEOLINEAR
  8. 101.960
    Neon Flex Express Topview Extrusion | NEOLINEAR
  9. 101.961
    Neon Flex Express Sideview Extrusion | NEOLINEAR
  10. 100.878
    Neon Flex Sideview Extrusion | NEOLINEAR
  11. 100.914
    NEOLINEAR |200W 24V LED Driver
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