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Lighting Control with 0-10V Dimming

Lighting Control with 0-10V Dimming

0-10V dimming is an analogue lighting control protocol typically used in retail spaces, residential installations and offices. The protocol uses a DC voltage that alternates between 0-10V to control the light output of the attached product from 0-100%.

With LED Lighting becoming increasingly popular 0-10V has adapted to become a reliable method for controlling LED fixtures. 0-10V LED dimmers accept a 0-10V signal and adjust the PWM frequency of the attached fixture to adjust the light output.

0-10V can be used to dim both single colour and colour changing LED fixtures by addressing each channel individually. Multiple zones can be controlled through a single system to simplify lighting control through a single protocol / control system.

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  1. SR2205NB
    Sunricher 1-10V Dimmer with Built-in Power Switch Wall Panel White
  2. SR2830AS110VWH
    Sunricher 0-10V Single Colour Touch Slider Wall Panel White (Low voltage)
  3. SR2830BS110VWH
    Sunricher 0-10V Dual Colour (CCT) Touch Slider Wall Panel White (Low voltage)
  4. SR2811110VWH
    Sunricher 0-10V One Zone RGBW Wall Panel White (Low voltage)
  5. SR2811110VBLK
    Sunricher 0-10V One Zone RGBW Wall Panel Black (Low voltage)
  6. SR1009010VPWM
    Sunricher RF to 0-10V Converter / PWM Controller
  7. SR230301VPWM
    Sunricher DALI to 0-10V Converter
  8. SR2303P4IN1
    Sunricher 4 in 1 LED DALI Dimmer With, Push, Phase Cut & 0-10V Inputs
  9. SR2006PUSHDIM
    Sunricher 0-10V & Push Single Channel PWM LED Dimmer
  10. SR2002DIN
    Sunricher 1-10v Four Channel DIN Mountable PWM LED Dimmer
  11. SR2002EA
    Sunricher 1-10V Four Channel PWM LED Dimmer
  12. SRSB2421
    Sunricher SR BUS Converter SR BUS (Bluetooth) to DALI & 0-10v
  13. SRZG2421
    Sunricher ZIGBEE Converter from ZIGBEE to DALI or 0-10v
  14. SR2701SN
    Sunricher DALI Relay Module & DALI to 0/1-10v Converter
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What does 0-10V dimming mean?

0-10V Dimming is a hardwired protocol that adjusts the light output of a product by adjusting a DC voltage between 0-10V. A lighting control system provides a separate 0-10V output for each channel for control of different products within a single system.

How does a 0-10V dimmer work?

A 0-10V system communicates using an adjustable DC voltage between 0 and 10 volts. A 0-10V dimmer translates this signal and dims the attached lighting by adjusting the PWM frequency. The dimmer will match the light output from 0 - 100% proportional to the DC voltage supplied between 0-10V.