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0-10v LED Controllers

0-10v LED Controllers

0-10V or 1-10v dimming is an analogue lighting control protocol. It was popular in theatres and still used on some commercial premises. Digital systems tend to be more popular but 0 10v LED controllers are still a great method of dimming LED lighting when you use a 0 10v PWM controller.

Sunricher stocks everything you need for 0-10v lighting control, including wall panels, dimmers and converters.

Our wall panels are stylish and easy-to-use units that enable you to smoothly control your LED lighting. Available in black and white finishes with touch-sensitive sliders or discs as well as a classic rotary dial with a brushed aluminium knob.

Although 0 10v controller is not as popular as digital control systems, it is an easy and reliable way to control your low voltage LED lighting products. 0-10v controllers will control single colour, dual colour and colour-changing LED products. For dual colour or colour changing you would need a 0-10v signal for each channel for smooth LED dimming.

Perfect for controlling our LED Strip lights and various LED products.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. SR2205NB
    Sunricher 1-10V Dimmer with Built-in Power Switch Wall Panel White
  2. SR2830AS110VWH
    Sunricher 0-10V Single Colour Touch Slider Wall Panel White (Low voltage)
  3. SR2830BS110VWH
    Sunricher 0-10V Dual Colour (CCT) Touch Slider Wall Panel White (Low voltage)
  4. SR2811110VWH
    Sunricher 0-10V One Zone RGBW Wall Panel White (Low voltage)
  5. SR2811110VBLK
    Sunricher 0-10V One Zone RGBW Wall Panel Black (Low voltage)
  6. SR1009010VPWM
    Sunricher RF to 0-10V Converter / PWM Controller
  7. SR230301VPWM
    Sunricher DALI to 0-10V Converter
  8. SR2303P4IN1
    Sunricher 4 in 1 LED DALI Dimmer With, Push, Phase Cut & 0-10V Inputs
  9. SR2006PUSHDIM
    Sunricher 0-10V & Push Single Channel PWM LED Dimmer
  10. SR2002DIN
    Sunricher 1-10v Four Channel DIN Mountable PWM LED Dimmer
  11. SR2002EA
    Sunricher 1-10V Four Channel PWM LED Dimmer
  12. SRSB2421
    Sunricher SR BUS Converter SR BUS (Bluetooth) to DALI & 0-10v
  13. SRPCTRIAC24200CV
    Sunricher Intelligent 4 in 1 Single Channel 24v 200w TRIAC Dimmable Driver
  14. SRPCTRIAC24100CV
    Sunricher Intelligent 4 in 1 Single Channel 24v 100w TRIAC Dimmable Driver
  15. SRZG2421
    Sunricher ZIGBEE Converter from ZIGBEE to DALI or 0-10v
  16. SR2701SN
    Sunricher DALI Relay Module & DALI to 0/1-10v Converter
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What does 0-10V dimming mean?

0-10V Dimming is a hardwired protocol that adjusts the light output of a product by adjusting a DC voltage between 0-10V. A lighting control system provides a separate 0-10V output for each channel for control of different products within a single system.

How does a 0-10V dimmer work?

A 0-10V system communicates using an adjustable DC voltage between 0 and 10 volts. A 0-10V dimmer translates this signal and dims the attached lighting by adjusting the PWM frequency. The dimmer will match the light output from 0 - 100% proportional to the DC voltage supplied between 0-10V.